Spire RockeTeer V 500W PSU

by Greg King on June 12, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

Spire makes power supplies? We didn’t realize this until recently, so we were more than happy to give one a run on our test bench. This is obviously a product with gamers in mind thanks to its SLi support. But wait… why only one PCI-E connector?

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It’s that time again boys and girls. Review time.

We at the Techgage labs have on the table today, the Spire RockeTeer V ‘ SLI Series SP-500W power supply. We have taken a look at a few Spire products in the past but this is our first power supply from them. We have also taken a look at many power supplies from other companies, so I am anxious to see how the latest offering from Spire stacks up with the rest.

I have long stressed to friends and strangers alike the importance of a quality power supply. The power supply is a strong foundation for anyone to build their PC on. I know that anyone that builds their own PC primarily builds around a processor or a video card and in most cases, both. The power supply is often over looked by many who use the included PSU in whatever case they decide to buy. Now there is nothing wrong in using a provided power supply but when you factor in all that a faulty PSU can take with it should it decide to die, ponying up the extra cash for a quality power supply doesn’t really seem all that bad. Can said quality be found in this power supply from Spire? Can it hang with my humble SLI system?

Spire is not new to the computing world. Starting out in 1991, Spire has focused on computer cooling but has recently branched out into case and power supply manufacturing. They also manufacture external hard drive enclosures and fans as well. Being as diversified as Spire is, can they deliver a quality power supply when they all ready have so much on their plate to worry about? Let’s find out.


Much like every other product from Spire that I have seen, the packaging is almost identical to the VertiCool II that I reviewed last week. The box is obviously larger, but has the same color scheme and characteristics. If it ain’t broke…

Not much to it there. From the packaging, I have gathered that there are two fans on the power supply, different from the previous couple power supplies that I have evaluated. I am curious though, about how much of a difference this will make in sound produced.

Once opened, the SP-500W comes wrapped in bubble wrap to provide further protection from any shipping mishaps. You can also see the accessories that Spire included. These extras include zip ties, some colored ties that I would venture one could use for distinguishing between the cables, some screws for mounting and the ever necessary power cord. Also included were a manual and the cables.

The cables come in their own box and appear to be plenty. Let’s take a look at what cables are provided.

As you can see in the last picture, there is a native 24 pin power connector but like most other power supplies, it allows you to remove the last 4 pins should you still use a 20 pin ATX motherboard. There is also an 8 pin power connector for Intel machines but can be separated into 2 separate 4 pin connectors for AMD systems. I like this approach and would like to see more companies adopt it in the future.

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