Super Talent 2GB PC2-6400 T800UX2GC4

by Rob Williams on April 18, 2006 in Miscellaneous

Most people have not even heard of Super Talent, but they are not new to the memory market. They are however new to the enthusiast side of things. It looks like they know what they are doing, because these modules are FAST. Let’s take a deep look and see just how impressive they are.

Page 3 – Overclock Ability

I quickly found out that this memory is addictive. I found myself spending near the entire weekend overclocking it, trying to push it further and further. I don’t usually become such a frantic overclocker, but these modules dragged me in. First off, it was evident that these modules loved any voltage you could throw at them. At stock speeds with 2.3v, 3-3-3-8 was completely possible and 100% stable after a 4 hour MemTest run.

You’ll notice that I have more successful overclocks than in other memory reviews, but that’s because as I was tweaking the timings, I didn’t expect each setting to be completely stable. I will only use 8 of the below settings in our graphs, although all settings went through complete testing.

    Successful Overclocks (* Modules did not pass MemTest error free.)

  • 400MHz, FSB200, 4-4-3-8, 1.8v, 2.8GHz
  • 400MHz, FSB200, 4-3-3-8, 2.3v, 2.8GHz
  • 400MHz, FSB200, 3-3-3-8, 2.4v, 2.8GHz
  • 400MHz, FSB240, 4-4-3-8, 1.8v, 3.37GHz
  • 400MHz, FSB240, 4-3-3-8, 2.3v, 3.37GHz
  • 400MHz, FSB240, 3-3-3-8, 2.4v, 3.37GHz
  • 445MHz, FSB267, 4-4-4-8, 2.2v, 3.7GHz
  • 467MHz, FSB280, 4-4-4-8, 2.4v, 3.92GHz
  • 500MHz, FSB250, 4-4-4-8, 2.2v, 3.5GHz
  • 520MHz, FSB260, 5-5-5-12, 2.4v, 3.65GHz
  • * 530MHz, FSB265, 5-5-5-12, 2.4v, 3.7GHz
  • * 540MHz, FSB270, 5-5-5-12, 2.4v, 3.79GHz

I was told to expect DDR2-1000 to be possible, with 5-5-5-15 timings. As you can see, that was blown away also, because DDR2-1000 was again 100% stable with 4-4-4-8 timings with only 2.2v. Last month, I took a look at Corsairs PC2-6400 kit, which could also mimic those settings, but I couldn’t push it over DDR2-1000 speeds and remain completely stable. I was able to bring these modules all the way up to DDR2-1080 speeds, but with the lax timings of 5-5-5-12. Note that DDR2-1060 and DDR2-1080 speeds were not completely error free in a Windows MemTest run, however DDR2-1040 was.

The ASUS P5WD2-E Premium only goes up to 2.4v and I am not sure if any VDIMM mod currently exists. If you have a motherboard that can go beyond 2.4v, I fully believe that this memory can be pushed even further than I was able to push it. I could see the last two above settings be perfectly stable with 2.6v, if you dare go that high. Don’t quote me, but I can see it be completely possible because this memory *loves* voltage.

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