Super Talent 2GB PC2-6400 T800UX2GC4

by Rob Williams on April 18, 2006 in Miscellaneous

Most people have not even heard of Super Talent, but they are not new to the memory market. They are however new to the enthusiast side of things. It looks like they know what they are doing, because these modules are FAST. Let’s take a deep look and see just how impressive they are.

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Despite the fact that Super Talent are new to the enthusiast market, they undoubtedly know what they are doing. These modules were so fast, that they easily kept up to the Corsair PC2-6400PRO and GeIL PC2-8000 modules we have taken a look at recently. The sad part is that my computer can’t handle 300FSB (4.2GHz) 100% stable, so I was unable to bench at those speeds. If you are able to hit 300FSB and beyond, or even beyond 2.4v, you will get results far better than what I was able to muster. If you have an EE, then you are going to have an absolute blast with these.

The fact that I was able to hit 3-3-3 at stock speeds was the first sign that these are great overclockers. If you like taking the extreme overclocking route, then with enough voltage you may be able to continue those timings up to DDR2-900 speeds. I also wasn’t able to keep DDR2-1080 stable due to the fact that I was stuck at 2.4v. During overclocking tests, I found that these modules love voltage.

The only downsides to these modules, are few. The first is the fact that you cannot purchase them yet. I scanned through 6 online e-tailers and came up empty handed. That includes the e-tailers mentioned on Super Talents website. The second downside may be that they are very generic looking modules. Even though they are not a ‘value series’, they look like they belong in that line. I have two requests to make of Super Talent. First, please make your packaging more informative. We don’t need pretty flowers or flashy stickers, but something that denotes the timings and voltages. Secondly, on your product pages on your site, you should make it known that your timings follow the CAS-TRP-TRCD-TRAS scheme, so that nobody remains confused.

Super Talent may be a new name to most of you, but this will not be the last you hear of them if they keep this up. At publishing time, there are no SRP for the modules, but you should be able to expect them in the ~$300 area. Overall, these modules well deserve a 9/10 and our Editors Choice award. Whether you are an overclocker or not, I well recommend these modules if you can get ahold of them.. you will not be disappointed with a purchase.

Addendum: Since this article was completed, Super Talent took some of our concerns and fixed them up. The memory on their website will now show the correct timings of 4-4-3-8. In addition, they have given me a link to eWiz where you can purchase the modules for $381US at the time of writing. They have also mentioned that their packaging is going to be going through changes over the next few months, which should take care of all the concerns mentioned earlier in the review. Thanks to Super Talent for being so quick to action!

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