SuSE 9.3 Professional

by Rob Williams on May 30, 2005 in Software

Novell released an update to their SuSE OS late last month. The update included numerous system updates and new versions of all the included software. We’re going to take a look at SuSE Professional 9.3, to see if it’s worthy of a purchase or upgrade.

Additional Programs

The previously mentioned applications are only the ones that are really being pushed as selling points for the OS. There are many, many other applications though. Here is a quick rundown of some applications that are also included, and their version numbers:

Blender – 2.36
GAIM – 1.14
K3b – 0.11.22cvs
Kaffeine – 0.5
KBear – 2.1
KDevelop – 3.2.0
KMPlayer – 0.9.0-pre3
Kopete – 0.10
RealPlayer –
X-Chat IRC – 2.41
XMMS – 1.2.10

Those are just a few that I find to be popular applications. For the full list, you can check out the Official Listing.

One thing I have found about these updated programs though, is that they are a lot less stable than they used to be. I am unsure whether this is the SuSE Distro, the KDE 3.4, or the actual packages themselves. For instance, Kopete 0.10 freezes the entire computer after a while, while 0.93 did no such thing. With the Gimp 2.2, on start up, it freezes the entire computer every so often. Kbear crashes every time, when I try to either upload, or download a file from a remote FTP.

You certainly may not have these problems, and I am going to jump to conclusions and say that they are KDE 3.4 related problems. Browsing the forums for the respective programs, I found that I am not the only one with the problems.. especially with Kopete 0.10. If you use a different distro than SuSE, and are running under KDE 3.4, please shoot me an e-mail and let me know if you have any problems with any of the included packages.

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