SuSE 9.3 Professional

by Rob Williams on May 30, 2005 in Software

Novell released an update to their SuSE OS late last month. The update included numerous system updates and new versions of all the included software. We’re going to take a look at SuSE Professional 9.3, to see if it’s worthy of a purchase or upgrade.


Since SuSE is great for home use, they have included a lot of open source games, over 80. Of course, none of the games are huge, but are meant for “jump-in-and-go” type of action. Or, “My-boss-thinks-I’m-actually-doing-work” type of games.

Many classics are here, such as TuxRacer, Neverball, LBreakout, SuperTux.

Since these are just games that come with the OS, none of them are large. They are great for when you want a quick break though. There is a huge amount of Puzzle, Card and board games that can keep you busy. Just don’t play Neverball.. I got addicted to that one quick.

Even though most games are small, they are completely fun. Since they are open source, you can edit the code if you are a programmer. At least with Linux, you get updated games, not the same version of each game throughout 6 major OS releases. (*snicker*)

Rob Williams

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