Tagan Silver Power SP-1000W

by Greg King on June 28, 2007 in Cases & PSUs

It seems that with each new advancement in hardware, the power requirements increase twice as fast… that power has to come from somewhere. Tagan sent us up the Silver Power 1000W to evaluate so thats what we did.

Packaging and Exterior

Starting in the back, we see the one and only cooling fan on the power supply. A single 80mm fan is used to keep this 1000 watt beast cool while in use. One has to wonder why this approach was taken by Silver Power/Tagan. Regardless of the cooling choice, we find a switch and a LED to alert you that the power is in fact turned on.

Moving to the side of the Silver Power, we can see a set of open ventilation holes. These aid the lone 80mm fan in keeping the internals of the PSU cool.

At the other end of the SP-1000E, we find the rather large grouping of cables sticking out of the power supply. To allow air moved by the fan to flow easier, the entire back of the power supply is open with a large pattern of holes. One nice thing about the cables of the SP-1000W is that each of the cables coming out of it are sleeved. This not only adds to the appearance of the inside of your PC, but also helps air flow more freely past the cables.

Shifting our view to the other side of the power supply, we see a sticker with all the information one would need about the power supply. This gives us information about the power ratings as well as warnings galore. There is also an interesting tidbit that states that this is the second revision of this power supply. While this isn’t a big deal, I simply don’t recall hearing about this power supply until Tagan offered to let us evaluate it so I was unaware of a first revision.

The cables are plenty long for most installs and provide more than enough connections. In all, there are:

  • 8 SATA drives
  • 4 PCI-E connections (2 are 6 pin connectors and two are 6+2 pin connectors for the latest cards that need 8 pin connectors)
  • 10 Molex
  • 2 FDD
  • Power connectors including 4, 8 and 24 pin

There really isn’t much to installing a power supply so we don’t see a need to get to deep into it in this review. However, one small thing that we liked about this PSU was the inclusion of black screws. Seeing how a majority of cases are black, it helps keep the outside of the case looking nice, even though it’s in the back.