Thermaltake Hardcano 13

by Drew Smith on May 19, 2006 in Peripherals

What’s a computer without a cool front panel? Thermaltake’s Hardcano is more than just a cool LED light. It allows you to control up to four fans and also keep track of four sensors. How well does it work? Read on…

Page 1 – Introduction

Keeping a good watch over temperatures is a major concern for today’s computer users, even more so for those users still using the air cooling method. Components run at high speed and are pushing more power than ever before. These increases in speed and performance are great but they result in the computer’s number one enemy… HEAT! Today we are looking at the Hardcano 13 from Thermaltake. The Hardcano allows the user to monitor up to 4 component temperatures and control 4 fans to help keep those temps down.

The first thing I noticed about the Hardcano 13 was the construction of the chassis; it is very sturdy. I have seen products similar to this one in the past and they were rather flimsy and no where near as strong as the Hardcano. This product is definitely manufactured to last. Included in the box are the power cables, fan connectors, thermal probes and thermal tape, everything needed to take complete control over your computers internal temperatures.


  • Ideal solution for integration of a smart card reader and Fan controller into the desktop environment
  • Suit for 5.25" Drive Bay
  • The best 6 in 1 Card Reader- compatible with 6 different media: CF/IBM Microdrive/SM/SD/MMC/MS
  • Great combination with fan controller and monitoring device
  • Large EL back light LCD Monitor with 8 colors
  • Precision Electronic Button Control


Thermaltake’s Hardcano 13 offers the same basic features that the Hardcano 12 did. Such as four temperature sensors, four fan controllers and an audible/visual alarm function. The Hardcano 13 also has an extra aesthetic function, a very bright backlit LED display with eight different color options to chose from, which allows the user to customize the Hardcano to their system without dropping extra cash on face plates or painting.

Tharmaltake has also provided the user with some additional functionality by incorporating a 6-in-1 card memory card reader into the unit. This product can read your CF, SM, MMC, SD, MS, MS PRO, and Microdrive memory cards. The addition of the card reader and backlit display to the already proven design of the fan controllers and temperature sensors makes this product sound great but let’s see what it is like to install and use.

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