Thermaltake Kandalf VA9000B

by Greg King on July 31, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

The Kandalf is virtually an Armor with some additions, but are these additions worth the extra cash? We are also taking a look at the new A2400 with 250mm fan to see if it improves on the original.

Page 3 – Interior

Once inside, we see that the Kandalf provides plenty of room for almost any setup you might have.

There are a lot of areas in this case that I want to touch on. The first being the clear plastic brackets that vertically lines the right side of the case. These are intended to secure any drive that you have.

On the inside of the case, we can see that there are small plastic nipples that act as screws, holding the CD or DVD drive in place.

Moving along, we notice that there is a hard drive gondola in the upper left corner of the case, along side of the power supply. Behind this is a 92mm fan, meant to pull air from the case, across the hard drives and out of the back of the case. I understand why they did this way but the last thing I want is a set of SATA cables running across my motherboard. Regardless of my opinion, the gondola ‘hangs’ from a set of metal studs and is held in place by a small clip.

While we are on the subject of gondolas, there is also one for those of you who like your hard drives down low. This one holds up to 3 hard drives and has a 120mm fan on the front of it to pull cool air from outside the case and across the hard drives.

Another nice feature of the Kandalf is the fact that it is tool-less. No more dropping screws trying to secure your video or sound card. Install your card and snap down the hold down and you are done.

There is one last thing that I would like to touch upon and that is the power box for the front Thermaltake logo light. This little box has one toggle switch on the top of it and it controls the front logo. When pushed up, the front logo ‘twinkles’ and when pushed down, the logo stays lit all of the time. This is a nice feature that adds a bit to the over all look. This also might catch more than enough looks from curious people at a LAN event.

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