Titan Robela Watercase

by Rob Williams on October 5, 2005 in Cases & PSUs, Cooling

Titan likes to be unique, and it’s very apparent in their product line-up. We are going to take a look at their Robela case, that’s far from being ordinary. Packed inside is a full fledged water cooling set-up, but also includes many of the features you look for in a regular case.

Page 4 – Interior

Looking at the opposite side of the case now, we can see the door is completely clean of anything, which is the way it should be. Turning around to the back, we can see everything that should be here. There is nothing too special about the back, which means nothing is wrong either.

I absolutely love the look of this case. It looks great, and is built like a tank. The only downside is the weight, although that may not matter so much if you will not be moving it too often. Since the case included so many various tools and doodads, it would have been great if they included wheels to replace the feet on the bottom.

Robela Interior

Checking out the door that the radiator is strapped to, we can see that it’s no wonder why it’s so heavy. It’s not a wimpy looking radiator, and is made even more complete with the two huge 120mm silver fans. Notice the large box that bares the Titan name? Behind that is the pump, and that is one fault of the case I believe should have been avoided. If you have a large PSU by any means, you may not be able to fit the door back onto the case. You can remove that box to allow for more room, but that should not have to be done. Leaving everything as is, the door would not fit on with the Ultra X-Finity 600W installed, but it went on without issues with the Coolmax CXI 400W.

After checking out the inside, there is no real shortage of space by any means. The motherboard tray has plenty of holes, so you are able to fit near any motherboard to it. Nothing immediately caught my eye that’s wrong.. I like what I see!

In the bottom right corner, we see that there are plenty of clips available. These are for installation your CD-Rom’s and HDD’s which make for a screw-less installation. All the clips here can be removed, with their holster, so that HDD’s can be installed in that spot. The cords that are lying around here, are to connect the WC system, microphone for noise, and of course the motherboard switches.

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