Titan Robela Watercase

by Rob Williams on October 5, 2005 in Cases & PSUs, Cooling

Titan likes to be unique, and it’s very apparent in their product line-up. We are going to take a look at their Robela case, that’s far from being ordinary. Packed inside is a full fledged water cooling set-up, but also includes many of the features you look for in a regular case.

Page 5 – Extras

They have included a plastic clip, which can easily be opened and closed to house various cords.. primarily the ones you are not using. This is a very welcomed feature and helps keep your case much cleaner than it would be without. Since cooling is Titan’s top priority, they want the airflow to be very good.

Nothing bad can be said about the interior of the case right off, everything is where it should be and there is plenty of space for moving around in there.

Robela Extras

Titan did not hold anything back… they seemed to have included everything that you could possibly need. They have especially included more than enough screws, so you should not need to raid your toolbox. The manual is full color and provides quite good instructions on how to get everything set up. Finally, a manual I have not complained about.

Here are all the extras that you see pictured below:

  • CPU Water Block
  • Intel P4 S775 Clip
  • Intel P4 S478 Clip
  • AMD K7 S462 Clip
  • AMD K8 S754/939/940
  • GPU Water Block
  • NVIDIA 6800 GPU Clip (Also works on 7800)
  • 54.mm and 79.mm Clip
  • GPU Memory Heatsinks
  • P4 478 & 775 Clip Nuts
  • 3 Silicon tubes: 50cm * 2 & 30cm * 1
  • Anti-Freeze/Anti-Rust solution * 2
  • Parts Pack (Red leakproof ring * 6, C-Ring * 6 & Adhesive tape * 1)
  • PS Extended power cable
  • Thermal Grease (Nano Blue)

The absolutely only problem I have with the included components, is that one PS Extended power cable was not enough. I would have loved at least one extra, because I had some heavy duty thinking during installation to figure out how I should lay things out. Other than that, they have included all that should be included.

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