Titan Robela Watercase

by Rob Williams on October 5, 2005 in Cases & PSUs, Cooling

Titan likes to be unique, and it’s very apparent in their product line-up. We are going to take a look at their Robela case, that’s far from being ordinary. Packed inside is a full fledged water cooling set-up, but also includes many of the features you look for in a regular case.

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Robela Conclusions

Overall, I enjoyed using the Robela, and it does do a good job of cooling. What are some of the best features of the case? This thing is very well built… it’s high quality and screams heavy duty. It looks at you like a passive beast that’s here to take care of business.

Even though I expected installation to be difficult, it wasn’t too bad at all. Of course I ran into a few minor problems, but that’s with any installation. Some of the minor things made this case even cooler, such as the tool-less installation of the CD-Rom’s and Hard Drives, and even the PCI-E/PCI slots. The front LED screen is also very classy, if you enjoy looking at it from time to time. The fact that it measures the noise inside the case is a cool addition.

The case definitely has some flaws though. I really wish they made it possible to keep more than one hard drive separated enough from each other so that the air flow would be much better. The heatsinks for the memory on the graphics card should have a stickier backing, or even a conductive one. Every time I open the side of the case, I see one of the heatsinks lying on the bottom of the case.

The only problems I had with this case were minor ones, and I am overall very pleased with the case. It cools, and cools well, although I recommend using something better than the Nano Blue thermal paste they include.

If you are looking to get started in Water Cooling, and want a case that’s loaded with many useful additions, you may want to consider the Titan Robela. The only thing that may hold you back is the price, at $350 it’s not a cheap case. After reading the review, you should know whether this case if for you. If you have money to spend, definitely pick one up.


  • Well designed and well built.
  • Water cooling built-in!
  • Not too difficult of an installation.
  • Great job of cooling CPU/GPU.
  • Looks amazing.

  • This beast is heavy!
  • Memory heatsinks can fall off.
  • Hard drives get too hot.
  • Cost: $350US

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