Titan Vanessa L-Type CPU Cooler

by Rob Williams on July 25, 2005 in Cooling

Do you want a CPU cooler with flair? We are taking a look at the great looking Vanessa L-Type from Titan. Of course, looks are not everything, so let’s see how well it cools!


The cooler comes in a huge box, because it has a lot to hold. As already mentioned, a 120mm x 120mm x 25mm fan is included, and is rated between 900RPM at the lowest speed, and 1800RPM at the highest. Airflow at the lowest setting is 33.53CFM, the highest is 71.09CFM.

The cooler itself uses heat pipe technology to distribute the heat, and is 25mm in diameter. The fins to the cooler are a lightweight aluminum, which is good when it comes to a cooler this size. It’s definitely hefty to hold, but you don’t have to worry about it breaking something.

The actual design of the fins are what makes this cooler so unique. It’s shaped as a butterfly creature, which Titan obviously named Vanessa. Seeing a design like this made me skeptical, to say the least. This kit also comes with a fan controller, which can be installed in either a PCI slot, or your front floppy drive bay. I personally used the drive bay, since it’s easier to access.

Lastly, included is a star headed screwdriver, with a magnetized end, as well as some Nano Blue thermal grease.


Even though I was worried about the fit of the cooler in the small case, I couldn’t wait to cram it in there. It doesn’t even matter which CPU you are using, as they include brackets for AMD K7, AMD K8, Intel P4 and Intel LGA775.

Installation was simple, except for one small issue. So that the cooler can be secure, you are to add the included bracket, and use the screws Titan provides. Sadly, the screws they included would not even fit through the bracket holes in order to secure it. The screws have a guard so that you can only screw them in so far, but that held me back. I was forced to use a couple of normal household screws instead, which worked perfectly.

One thing I like, is that they included a screwdriver in the package. The one supplied is a little longer than most, so that you can shoot it through the holes in the cooler to secure it to the bracket. Once everything was secure, I was good to go.

If there was anything to complain about, it would have to be the fact that on this motherboard (DFI LanParty Ultra-D), it’s made a little more difficult to cool the memory modules. The cooler will actually cover up the slot 3&4 slots on this particular board, so overclocking your memory may become a problem if you can’t fit proper memory cooling in there.

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