Titan Vanessa L-Type CPU Cooler

by Rob Williams on July 25, 2005 in Cooling

Do you want a CPU cooler with flair? We are taking a look at the great looking Vanessa L-Type from Titan. Of course, looks are not everything, so let’s see how well it cools!

Performance, Conclusion

System: AMD64 3200+ Venice @ 2.7GHz, 2 * 512 MB Crucial Ballistix PC4000, DFI LanParty Ultra-D, BFG 6800GT OC, 3 * WD 200GB, Ultra X-Finity 600w.

In order to test the performance of the cooler, I ran a few select benchmarks to really stress the CPU. I used PC Mark 2005’s CPU suite to start things off, then played through a few rounds of Counter-Strike: Source. After I was done goofing around there, I ran a 30 minute Small FFT torture test with Prime95.

One thing to note is, that these temps will more likely than not, be higher than temps you will acquire. The ambient temp in my room is always very high, due to it being a small one. Also, we’ve had a great heat wave over the last week as well, which doesn’t usually happen, therefore making the ambient temps even higher.

You’ll notice that I have a Low and High sets for the Vanessa. With the included fan controller, low is around 900RPM, while high is 1800RPM. Overall, the Vanessa did a fantastic job on the temperatures. With the stock cooler, the load CPU was a much too high 61ºC. The Vanessa brought that temp to a much more reasonable 49ºC!


With the overall temperature changes over the stock cooler, I definitely recommend this product. Since my ambient temperatures are always high, I expect that if the room is a more comfortable level, then the temps would be substantially lower than what I could manage. I am much happier knowing that my CPU is hitting a high of 49ºC, rather than 61ºC though.

One thing that I immediately give props to Titan for, is the very unique look. While the name may be unusual for this type of product, the look and design is great. Overall, this package was very well put together. So if you are in the market for a great CPU cooler, this would be a great choice.

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