Ultra 2000VA UPS

by Matthew Harris on August 25, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

Life isn’t certain but one thing you can be certain of in life is that your power is going to fail at one point or another. When that happens you can either be prepared with a UPS on your PC or you can go commando and be caught short.

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Ever been pounding away on something that was of the utmost importance when out of the blue *wham* you’re suddenly sitting in a darkened room with a sick feeling it the pit of your stomach as two hours of hard fought work goes into the ether? Yes you can be smart and save every three seconds but that slows progress and helps to derail your train of thought. You can also buy a UPS and work assured that when your power does fail you’ve got time to save and exit your work and shut your PC down properly.

Today I’m taking a look at the Ultra 2000VA / 1200W UPS and I’ve even been fortunate enough to put it to a real world test that can help to show what you can expect from it.

Let’s see what Ultra has to say about it:

The Ultimate Power Protection!

Featuring $125,000 Connected Equipment Warranty!

If you’re looking for the most complete, technologically advanced power protection unit, the Ultra 2000VA is exactly what you need. The Ultra 2000VA is an absolute must for anyone running small servers, workstations and powerful PCs. And we’re so confident that the Ultra 2000VA offers the best power protection in the world that this unit carries a $125,000 guarantee against damage to your connected equipment while the 2000 VA is in use! You simply cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to safeguarding your valuable equipment, and the Ultra 2000VA delivers the most comprehensive protection for computer, peripherals and data files at a remarkably low price.

The Ultra 2000VA offers an incredible array of features and benefits including line interactive design, AVR (auto voltage regulations), USB communication port, alarms for battery backup, low battery and overload, energy saving function (UPS green mode), automatic charging when UPS is off and much more. This outstanding unit protects up to four devices simultaneously and is fully digitized microprocessor controlled. For the ultimate protection at a minimal cost – choose the Ultra 2000VA power protection unit.

General Model 2000VA
Watts 1200
Backup Time About 65 Minutes
Net Weight Kg (lbs) 14.5 (31.93)
Shipping Weight Kg (lbs) 15.9 (35.02)
Digital Display Yes
Output Voltage (on battery) Simulated sine wave at 100V / 110V / 115V / 120V or 220V / 230V / 240V +/-


Frequency (on battery) 50 or 60 Hz +/-1Hz
Voltage Regulation( AVR) AVR automatically increase output voltage 15% above input voltage if -9%

to -25% of nominal.

AVR decrease output voltage 13% below input voltage if +9% to +25% of


Transfer Time 2 / 4 milliseconds, including detection time
Input Voltage 100V / 110V / 115V / 120V or 220V / 230V / 240V +/- 25% at line input
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz +/- 10% (auto sensing)
Protection & Filtering Spike Protection 2100 Joules
Unit Input Breaker or fuse for overload & short circuit protection
Overload Protection UPS automatic power off if overload exceeds 110% of nominal at 60

seconds and 130% at 3 seconds

Telephone Protection RJ-11 (1 in 2 out* or 1 in 1 out) compatible jacks for telephone surge


Ethernet Protection RJ-45 compatible jacks for Ethernet network surge protection
Coaxial Protection F1 terminal for cable TV/modem surge protection
Short Circuit UPS output cut off immediately or input fuse protection
Battery Type Sealed, maintenance-free lead acid
Typical Recharge Time 6 hours (to 90% of full capacity)
Protection Auto discharge protection
Interface Dimension WxDxH (mm) 130 x 382 x 192 (5.1" x 15.0" x 7.6")
Input Inlet IEC 320 power inlet
Receptacles NEMA 5-15R (UPS outlets x 4 , Convenience outlets x 2 )
IEC 320 female appliance coupler
(UPS outlets 4 , Convenience outlets x 1 )
USB / RS-232 Detect battery low, Schedule UPS on/off, AC input/output power status


Alarm Battery Back-up Slow beeping sound (about 0.47 Hz)
Battery Low Rapid beeping sound (about 1.824 Hz)
Overload Continuously beeping sound
Environment Ambient Operation 3,500 meters max, elevation. 0-95% humidity non-condensing, 0-40 deg
Audible Noise <40dBA (1 meter from surface)
Storage Condition 15,000 meter max. elevation


  • Line Interactive Design
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation)
  • Fully Digitized Microprocessor Controlled
  • Protects up to 4 Devices at Once
  • Energy Saving Function (UPS Green Mode)
  • 50/60Hz Frequency Auto Sensing and Selection
  • USB Communication Port
  • Advanced Battery Management (ABM Technology)

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