Ultra 256MB MP3 Player

by Jen McPherson on April 28, 2005 in Audio & Media

With so many MP3 players on the market today people are unsure what is good and what to look for. Well the Ultra 256Mb MP3 player boasts many unique features and looks to be quite promising. So, without further commentary lets begin the review!

Page 4 – Conclusion

The FM Radio Tuner sounded great, for I do like to listen to the radio while I’m out taking a walk. Yet the stations never really came in that great. In order to get a station in halfway decent I would have to constantly move the device all over, and even then it wasn’t that great. Then you move and it’s back to fizzing again. For on the go the radio function isn’t that great. Unless there is a way to boost its receiving, it isn’t even worth the effort of listening to… or perhaps your into static. It is possible that because I live a small town my stations just don’t come in as clear as they would if I lived in the city. However, I’ll just stick with my MP3’s.

There is also a language learning function, yet the booklet does not say how to use it. I believe that this feature is actually the fact that the player is usable in several different languages. There is also a play list editor program that comes with the player, but is not yet functional with the player, and will be made for use later. So, these two features will be discussed in the forums once more information is obtained.


Overall I liked the player, it was easy to use when it came to its primary features and that was all I really wanted. The extra features weren’t really necessary to make this a good item, and I find that most of those extras just clutter it and are not that useful in the first place. Having a price of $129.99 (Although it’s rare to find it that high) it is quite expensive, compared to the RCA Lyra 1072 MP3 Player that we reviewed last week with a price tag of $79.99.

Even so the player was great and despite all the unnecessary extras it did well. Thanks to Mike from Ultra for allowing us to review their player!


  • Good file capacity.
  • Expandable memory.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Small yet easy to use.
  • Good interface.
  • Doubles as a pocket drive.

  • Earphones may be uncomfortable.
  • Email function is unnecessary.
  • FM Radio does not come in well.
  • Language Learning function not described in booklet.
  • MP3 play list editor program not supported.
  • Costly at $129.99
  • Slow upload speeds, due to USB 1.1

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