Ultra Products Value Series PSU Round-up

by Rob Williams on March 8, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

All too often we read reviews of power supplies that are not cheap. Some good power supplies can run between $100 and $150, if not higher! Not everyone has enough money for a top end PSU, so we are taking a look at Ultras Value line-up to see if they would be a good choice when you are low on cash.

Page 3 – Conclusion

These power supplies proved to be ‘ultra’ stable for the test bed. They performed far better than I expected, especially the 350W. I have no problem recommending these power supplies if you are on a budget, but the best value for your money would be the 400W. Ultra has been known for producing very stable power supplies lately, and it’s obvious that they did not ignore their Value line. It appears that they care about the consumer and provide what they need. This became apparent to me when I seen a PCI-E connector was included, which does not happen with most other value supplies.

Simply put, I trust these power supplies. Now the pricing comes into the equation… are they worth it? They are indeed more expensive than some other power supplies on the market. The 350W averages at $45US, the 400W at $49 and the 500W at $60. At $60, you are half way to a much richer power supply, such as their X-Finity. Out of all three, I would have to recommend the 400W the most. It’s stable like the others, but it fits the right price point. All three are pure black PSU’s and don’t look like a true value unit right off. The Molex ends are all black and fit very securely into your drives and motherboard. Overall, these are great power supplies and if you are low on cash, you can’t go wrong.

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  • Good looks for a ‘value’ Supply
  • Stable even on a high-end system
  • PCI-E connector
  • Pretty quiet
  • Cables are well seperated

  • +12v Amperage could be better
  • Tad more expensive then some others on the market

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