Ultra Wizard w/ UV Side Panel

by Rob Williams on March 7, 2005 in Cases & PSUs

Ultra Products continues to add quality products to their line up. They produce numerous modding supplies and kits, and are arguably most known fpr their X-Connect PSU. Recently they have released the Wizard Mini-Tower ATX case, which is geared towards giving gamers everything they are looking for, and more. Have they succeeded?

Page 2 – Features

The case comes with (3) 5.25″ front bays, for your drives, fan controllers and whatever else you need them for. What makes these slots special, is the “Easy-Pull Port Covers” which allows for easy removal of the covers, and the ability to replace them with ease. Latch onto both sides, squeeze and pull out. This will save you the time of opening the case and getting your arm in awkward positions to remove them from the inside. Directly below those bay drives, is of course, the Floppy drive bay

To the left of that, is the Power and Reset buttons. Here is where my first of a few gripes come in. You must open the bay door in order to boot up your computer, which isn’t that bad really. But what I dislike, is that the reset button is very hard to push. I don’t have overly large hands, but I could hardly push the button with my pinky finger. I had to use a pen most times, in order to reset it.

Right below the bay door, is a small latch door where the 2 USB 2.0 and Firewire ports are. It works into the scheme of the case, and is quickly accessible for whenever you need them. To make your computer Ultra secure, they even included a lock and key to keep your bay door from being opened. It’s a good feature, and has it’s uses. Great if you have kids who like to run around the house turning off computers.

One thing I also found, and yes I am very picky, is that the front plastic didn’t seem that durable. There was one time when I opened the door a smidgeon too far, and it fell right off. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to get it back on without breaking it. Sadly, I didn’t even open it that far, but it could have been the extreme force from my powerful muscles, that came into play. :-/

Below, the left picture is to show you how small that reset button really is. When you look at it next to the floppy drive, you can see it’s extremely small. This is not a huge problem, unless your computer locks up and you do need to push the button. On the right, you can see that the front ports are not the cleanest looking part of the case, since you can see the wires behind it easily. Once again, not a big deal, since you will rarely look there.

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