Ultra Wizard w/ UV Side Panel

by Rob Williams on March 7, 2005 in Cases & PSUs

Ultra Products continues to add quality products to their line up. They produce numerous modding supplies and kits, and are arguably most known fpr their X-Connect PSU. Recently they have released the Wizard Mini-Tower ATX case, which is geared towards giving gamers everything they are looking for, and more. Have they succeeded?

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The system tested consists of: AMD 2600+ XP @ 2.09GHz, 1024MB DDR400 Ram, 2 * 200GB Western Digital HDD’s, MSI Radeon 9800Pro 128MB, Lite-On DVD-RW, Lite-On CD-RW, Phillips PSC724, 400W PSU and a NIC card.

Since I keep my case so completely unorganized, [I swear I’m working on it], the air flow isn’t the best to begin with, so that may affect some of the temperatures found below. The 2600+ XP is also a generally extra hot CPU, so that will also come into play. The CPU and GPU both have stock cooling.

To get the results above, the computer was turned on after being off over night. The computer was used for normal use for a few hours, and then a 3D Mark 2005 test was looped three times to help heat up the video card. On average, normal computer use, meaning little GPU use, the CPU keeps steady at 50°C, and the Case temp at 39°C. After the video card was on fire, the temp rose inside the case up to 44°C and the CPU at 57°C.

In some previous cases, the case temp could reach 48°C easily, and the CPU up to 65°C. Even though the computer is not the tidiest inside, the case did prove to have enough circulation to keep the temps down. The figures above were acquired with Motherboard Monitor.


Overall, this is a great case. If you are a hobbyist modder, there is tons of room in this case. Lots of room to add your own fans, cathodes and other things. The UV Panel is also a great feature if you do have UV cathodes, because the side will really glow. The case is made more appealing to look at, due to the great paint color.

Even with the minor problems of the small reset button and flimsy door, I would still recommend the case. The case doesn’t come with a PSU, but at the time of writing, you can buy the case and get a free PSU through the FrozenCPU link below.

If you are looking for a cool case that’s not overly hyped up and stylish, but want a fully functional case that looks clean, I recommend you check out this case. Thanks a lot to Malsert from Ultra for sending us this case for review!

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