Ultra X-Connect 500W PSU

by Rob Williams on April 18, 2005 in Cases & PSUs

Case clutter has been a problem with computers forever, especially with PSU cables lying all over the place. Ultra promises to solve this problem, by allowing you to only use the cables you need. The X-Connect PSU includes other cool features as well. You can read about them in our review.

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What good are the connections without the cables though? Here are all the cables that come with the X-Connect:

1 – 17.75″ 4-Pin Intel Pentium 4 Motherboard Power Cable
1 – 17.75″ 20-Pin ATX Motherboard Power Cable
1 – 17.75″ 6-Pin Xeon Power Cable
1 – 17.75″ 4-Pin Power Cable
1 – 21.75″ 4-Pin Power Cable
1 – 17.75″ Y-Cable with Floppy Driver and (2) 4-Pin Power Connectors
2 – 17.75″ Y-Cable with (2) 4-Pin Power Connectors
1 – 6″ Y-Cable with (2) S-ATA and 4-Pin Power Adapter

As you can see, there are plenty of connections ready to use. Since it comes with (6) 4-Pin connectors, that’s enough to have 4 HDD’s and 2 CD-Roms, or 2 HDD’s, 2 CD-Roms and 2 for your high end Nvidia card. If you have a real high end system, such as one with numerous hard drives, or dual 6800’s, you may need to purchase an extra 4-Pin cable from the Ultra website, but few of us would have to worry about this. Just for the record though, since PCI-Express has been released, Ultra has quickly added PCI-X Cables to be purchased from their site.

For those interested in the output power, here it is:

The combined +5V, +12V and +3.3V Max Output is 480W. The total Max Output for the PSU is 500W. The X-Connect also implements Over Voltage Protection, which allows it to go quite a bit over the regular voltage before it will blow. Meaning, there is sufficient leniency in the voltages, so you will not have to worry about something happening. The OVP for the +5V is 6.1V, the +12V is 14.3V and the +3.3V is 4.1V.

The power supply also comes with two fans, one that’s situated at the bottom of the PSU that sucks air up, while the one in the back of the unit, blows the air out to the free world. Surprisingly, the fans are not LED. I would only figure that the bottom one could have been, that way it would have helped in lighting of the cables. However, the PSU has so many redeeming qualities.. it just doesn’t matter.

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