Wacom Intuos3 6*8 Tablet

by Jen McPherson on June 6, 2005 in Peripherals

Wacom is a renowned name in PC pen tablets for the digital artist, and are the leaders in PC tablet technology. Their tablets have been used by professionals world wide and are marked for their excellence in all their hardware. So, without further delay lets get into the review and the specifics.

Page 3 – Further Features

The tablet has a nice long cord for ease of use, making it easy to set up out of the way when not in use or sit back from the PC if you wish while using it. I loved this for then I could relax in my chair, kick back and draw without having to sit on top of my screen. I personally found it best to rest the tablet in my lap while I used it, and with a long positionable cord it made it all the more easier. It plugs into any PC’s USB port with ease.

Although it included a mouse I found that I did not use it as often as I did the pen. Not that I didn’t like it, it worked brilliantly when I switched from drawing and editing to web surfing. It moved smoothly over the tablet’s surface and was small yet comfortable in my hand. What I find so unique with this mouse is that it is both fitted for left and right hand use. Each of the five buttons on the mouse is customizable, adding to its versatility. I did not like to use the mouse during my drawing/editing actions for it seemed too jerky, or to pull to the right for some reason. Perhaps a little tweaking of its specifications would have fixed that problem, but I stuck with the pen for my digital drawing.

Next I began testing out the pen. A small weighted pen rest comes with the tablet, so you can have a spot to set your pen when it is not in use. This was very useful for me because I am notorious for losing pens and pencils around my desk, and with a designated place to put it the pen didn’t end up with that ‘missing’ group of writing utensils. The rubber contoured grip around the pen makes it easy to hold and less likely to slip while working. The button is positioned for easy clicking, which is also referred to as the DuoSwitch.

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