Wacom Intuos3 6*8 Tablet

by Jen McPherson on June 6, 2005 in Peripherals

Wacom is a renowned name in PC pen tablets for the digital artist, and are the leaders in PC tablet technology. Their tablets have been used by professionals world wide and are marked for their excellence in all their hardware. So, without further delay lets get into the review and the specifics.

Page 4 – Tablet Pen

You can push the button on either the bottom or top, and customize those actions for either a right or left click, as well as adjust the sensitivity and other specs in the Wacom Tablet Properties under your Start/Programs Menu.. The pen also comes with extra pen nibs, so that you can adjust the feel of the pen. Both ends of the pen are sensitive to pressure, 1,024 levels of tip and eraser pressure sensitivity to be exact, for complete control over whatever you are working on. This feature is truly amazing and I found that I enjoyed drawing with this just as much as I did with a traditional pen and paper. As all artists know we make mistakes on pieces and this makes it so fast and easy to correct by just flipping the pen over and erase as if it were a pencil. One of my favorite features.

The precision of the pen is incomparable to that of a mouse. Everything is so much more accurate, lines are smoother, details finer and the actual process of creation quicker. You save more time while using this, as I discovered, making a piece that would normally take me months to complete with a mouse as compared to a week and a half with the tablet. Of course, I could never expect to get the level of detail that I achieved in the piece that I worked on with my mouse as I would with the tablet and pen.

The tablet itself is smooth around the edges, a clear top that allows the user to move their arm across the surface without a lot of traction. This may seem unimportant but let me assure you it is not. With this smooth surface it makes it so much easier to draw and use, for there is less friction on the arm and as a result fewer arm jerks. The actual drawing area, which is 6×8, is a matte finish, but still just as smooth and fantastic to work on. The pen and mouse flow over the surface with ease.

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