Wacom Intuos3 6*8 Tablet

by Jen McPherson on June 6, 2005 in Peripherals

Wacom is a renowned name in PC pen tablets for the digital artist, and are the leaders in PC tablet technology. Their tablets have been used by professionals world wide and are marked for their excellence in all their hardware. So, without further delay lets get into the review and the specifics.

Page 6 – Testing

Testing 1- Writing

Now, the pen tablet is renowned for control and smoothness when it comes to drawing and writing. So this was the first thing I decided to test and also show how precise the pen is compared to a regular mouse. I’ve included examples of pen writing and mouse writing, for both the Wacom mouse and also my Logitech Ball mouse.

As you can see there is no comparison, the pen simply blows both mice away in control and flow. The strokes are not jerky as that of the mice and are more smooth, flowing. You can also notice that the lines for the pen strokes contain different thicknesses. This is because the pen is sensitive to pressure, much like a real pen, and can make a line super thin and light or extra thick and dark. It is just like drawing on paper, and for any artist who wants to go digital they would find this tool truly amazing.

Test 2- Drawing

Next I wanted to try out the actual image drawing capabilities of the tablet. So naturally I began a brand new piece, starting with line art. As Rob knows I am a fantasy artist and typically draw fairies and mermaids, thus my choice of subject. I start with the drawing just as I would as if I were sitting on my couch with a pencil and my eraser. The tablet sits comfortably on my lap while I lounge in my chair. The line art didn’t take too long to clean up and complete, a couple hours give or take, and so I also doodle a little next to her, another comparison of pen vs mouse.

I was completely impressed with how the pen worked. Over the next few days I continued to edit my drawing more, coloring and shading then finally adding a background. Normally a drawing of this detail would take me months to complete with just a mouse and no where near this quality, but I finished it in about a week and a half, working off and on. My impression of a tablet changed from curiosity to a definite place on my wish list of PC hardware.

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