XG Ninja 2 Case

by Drew Smith on March 9, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

Not everyone wants to pay over $100 for a cool looking case. The Ninja 2 from XG packs a lot of features and functionality into its cool frame. Let’s take a look and see if this case is worth even the budget price point.


  • Processor – AMD Sempron 3000+ Socket A
  • Mother Board – ASUS A7N8X-X
  • Power Supply – Ultra X-Connect 500W PSU
  • Memory – 1GB, 2 X 512mb Samsung DDR
  • Sound Card – Chaintech AV 710 7.1
  • Video Card – eVGA Geforce 6600GT 128 MB AGP 8X
  • Operating System – Windows XP Professional SP2

The Ninja 2 is a very sturdy case and performed very well in testing, the only difference between the Ninja 2 and the Logisys Case-51 I was using was a 1 degree rise in ambient case temperature and a 2 degree rise in CPU temperature. This has my ambient case temperature moving from 27 degrees (Logisys Case-51) to 28 degrees (MGE Ninja 2). My CPU temps also rose slightly going from 32 degrees (Logisys Case-51) to 34 degrees Celsius (MGE Ninja 2). This rise in temps is not a major concern but it may be for a serious overclocker or gamer who pushes their machine, and its components, to their thermal limits. If you are doing anything with your machine that will put a serious load on your computer and thus raise temperatures significantly, I would suggest modding this case with another fan or purchasing additional cooling accessories.

In conclusion I really liked the Ninja 2 case from MGE. It has really nice styling for being a budget solution. Installing components and working inside the case is very easy, and you definitely can’t beat the price at only $49.00. The issues discussed during this review, the back panel cover, the rather flimsy side panels, and the cooling issues are easily and cheaply fixed. I recommend this case for any entry level user who would like to build their own rig and wants to add a touch of style, without dropping a lot of cash.

This case is a one stop, inexpensive solution for any entry level user. For its very good points and minor negative points I award the Ninja 2 case from MGE an 8 out of 10 rating on the Techgage scale. The Ninja 2 has a lot of good points but there is a little room for improvement.

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