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AC Ryan Backy

Date: March 31, 2005
Author(s): Rob Williams

Ever have to test out a Fan or HDD to see if they power up or not? Well, it can be a pain to open up your computer to get at the connections to do so. AC Ryan has made this exact problem much easier with their Backy. Read the review to find out more.

AC Ryan has been around for a few years, pumping out quality Modding supplies. Arguably, they are most known now for their RyanPower2 fan less PSU. They are also well known for having some of the most unique product names.. ever! The product we are reviewing today, is the Backy. An appropriate name as you will soon find out. So let’s get to it!


The Backy’s main purpose, is to give you quick access to Molex connections so you can test components without having to go inside your case. This is a great idea if you are a modder especially, since you may have parts lying around, and you are not sure if they work or not. Something like this would also be perfect if you regularly fix peoples computers, since this gives you an easy way to test their components to make sure they are powering up.

The Backy comes in a few different versions, as you can see listed below, and as well on the AC Ryan site. The version I reviewed is a Blue UV color, which will glow under a CCFL light. This Backy has two standard four pin Molex connections, which are the ones we use for Hard Drives, CD-Roms and some other peripherals. It also includes two 3 pin connections that are primarily used for fans.


The Backy was one of the hardest products I have ever installed. [/end sarcasm] The installation of the Backy could not have been any easier. It’s a matter of plugging it in to an available slot, screwing it in place, and plugging in the Molex connection. Unbelievably easy.. anyone can do it.

The only fault I found in the installation, is that the screw they provided did not secure the Backy very securely to my case. Whether this is just my current case [Logisys Case-51] or not, I am unsure. Luckily, like any computer geek out there, I have so many spare screws, it’s nuts. No pun. So, I grabbed a larger screw, similar to ones you use to secure your motherboard or IDE devices to your chassis.

After everything was in place, the case went back together. Very hitch less install if I must say so.

Performance, Conclusion

This is not so much about Performance, because there are no performance issues at all, really. It does exactly what it it’s supposed to do, and that’s power your devices! As noted on the AC Ryan site, they mention that the Backy is a good way to test Hard Drives, and Fans. That’s exactly what I tested.

I quickly realized, that in order to test a HDD or CD-Rom drive, you will need a Molex connector cable with at least one Male and Female end. So if you don’t have a spare cable like this lying around, you will want to get one, else this may defeat the purpose!

It did exactly as proposed though, and worked great. Plugging a connecter into the Backy is just like plugging a normal plug into a wall. It works immediately. Next up, was a 120mm Fan I had lying around. It also worked perfectly. I of course, poked my fingers into the fan while it was running, [never by accident], just to re-assure myself that it was indeed working.


When I first heard of the Backy, I admit, I was skeptical. “What in the world would people use this for?” Once I got a hold of one though, I realized how useful and practical the Backy really is. It’s comes in at a great price, and has many different variations. It’s well manufactured, and works perfectly. If you are a hobbyist modder, or even someone who just fixes computers all the time, I highly recommend the Backy.

Thanks to Mike at AC Ryan for allowing us to review the Backy. You can expect to see more AC Ryan reviews on the site in the near future, so stay tuned!

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