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Logitech G5 Laser Mouse

Date: November 14, 2005
Author(s): Drew Smith

Logitech has always been a huge player in the peripheral market, even for gamers. Their MX510 and MX518 mice won countless awards and become a favorite among many. Take that design, improve the feel and throw in a laser, and we have the G5. Let’s see how it compares to other mice we have used.


I had great first impressions of this mouse.. it’s a perfect size. According to Logitech, it comes with various features that appeals to gamers. There were no problems during the installation of the mouse or the drivers, as I had expected. The cord is quite long and should provide enough length to suit just about any desk setup.

This mouse is very light at first, but that’s because the weight cartridge is empty. Weight cartridge?? Yup, this mouse comes complete with a plastic cartridge in which you add mini-weights to. The mouse comes with 16 weights in 1.7g and 4.5g sizes. After experimenting for a while with the various amounts of weights, I found 20.3g worked out the best for me, and felt the most comfortable.

No matter the amount of weight you choose, this mouse glides like a dream, thanks to the polytetrafluoroethylene [say that once, I dare you] feet. These feet help for smooth operation on most surfaces. I tested the mouse without a mouse pad, just on my wooden desk and the mouse still worked great! This is a plus, because my MX500 that I was previously using would stick. Since this is a feature that they obviously boast about, they made sure that this mouse was smooth as silk, which is perfect for a gamer.

This mouse still includes many features that others on the market have. One unique feature though, is the on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, which was first introduced with the MX518 back in March.

Features and Conclusion

With the touch of a button, you can either increase or decrease the DPI, between 400 and 2000! This feature has become essential to me for gaming. I can go from moving around regularly to preparing for a pinpoint shot, at the click of a button! Not only does this feature work great, it can help improve your gameplay and make it more fun. The two buttons for DPI changing is right around the scroll wheel, so they don’t get in the way, but are easy to access when you need them.

One thing I did want to try though, was to change the Hz on the mouse using the Mouserate Changer, and immediately tried the 500Hz and 1000Hz modes. At 500Hz, the mouse worked perfectly. Not so much at 1000Hz though, but this may be because of my dated PC (AMD Sempron 3000+, ASUS A7N8X-X).

To test out this baby, I played some Counter-Strike source, and I can’t wait to play around with the DPI changer. During normal play, I keep the DPI at 800 which seems smooth enough to take care of business. When I was playing around with the sniper weapons though, I switched to 400DPI so that I could have a much more precise aim. I immediately found this to be extremely helpful… I love it!

After moving up to the G5 from my MX500, it has become indispensable to me. The only feature that didn’t impress me too much was the weight cartridge. It’s a cool feature to include, but it seems more of a gimmick than anything. I did find a certain amount of weight to be better than another, but it’s not like the mouse would not be useable if there was no cartridge. Overall though, this is a fantastic mouse and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new gaming mouse. It may be a tad pricey for some people at around $55US, but if you are hardcore gamer, it could prove a wise investment. Because of it’s great performance, awesome looks and cool features, I am giving the G5 a 9 out of 10 and our Editors Choice award.

If the G5 doesn’t appeal to you as much as you had hoped, you can check out our recent review of the Razer Copperhead, which is also 2000DPI and is a direct competitor with the G5.

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