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Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset

Date: August 31, 2005
Author(s): Mike Delorme

Logitech has an extensive line of headphones and microphones. So how do you go about choosing which one would fit your needs? Today I will be review the Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset, and hopefully will make your choice a little easer.


One of the key features of the Precision PC Gaming Headset are how it looks. You don’t see many that wrap around the back of your head. However, it may look great, but what matters is how they sound, and how they feel after long hours of game play. Lets jump right in and see what the Precision PC Gaming Headset has to offer.


This headset is designed like no other. In addition to the wrap around the back style, It looks like they are a full ear headset, but look again. This headset features a unique open-air design. It has what looks like standard stereo headphones encased in a body that fits your whole ear. It is not solid, however, so it lets the air flow right through it. They also feature large 40 mm neodymium stereo drivers that let’s you enjoy excellent sound quality in your games, music and video.

One feature I did not like, however, is the microphone boom. I feel that it is too short, and is only available on one side. So if you prefer the microphone boom on the left side, your fresh out of luck. One good thing about the microphone is that it is noise canceling. Lets jump right in and see how the headset performs under the pressure.

First off is the noise canceling microphone. In my computer room, there is a lot of ambient noise, along with my girlfriend who is a constant distraction [Ed: Don’t let her read this review ;)]. I decided to use Sound Recorder to test and see how well this option worked.

I first tried reading a line of text with only my computer running, and the door to my den closed. Not surprisingly, crystal clear sound was played back. Next to be turned on was the air conditioner. Sitting about 8 feet from my desk, the noise it made was canceled out perfectly. This is the part that still ceases to amaze me. I then added my fan, which sits less than a foot from me, and the headset preformed perfectly yet again. The third device to be turned on was the TV, sitting 10 feet from me, and I started to hear a little humming, but nothing noticeable unless you were really listening for it. And this last test was the icing on the cake. The girlfriend. I asked her to stand in the doorway, 7 feet from my desk, and speak in a tone that I could hear. Again, I herd a slight noise, and I could make out some words, but only if you were listening for it.

Around 30 percent of people worldwide wear glasses. So chances are some of you reading this article are constantly enjoyed by all of those headphones that hurt your ears after a couple of hours, or less, of game play. Well people, I have your solution. Being a graphic designer, avid gamer, and all around computer junkie, most of my day is surrounded by the computer. When the neighbors get tired of my blowing up tanks in EA’s Battlefield 2, I put on headphones. After 2 days of extensive headphone usage, my ears never hurt. These headphones are the most comfortable ones I have ever tried.

Now lets look at the good stuff, the actual performance of the headset.


Be honest now. How many times have you gotten a headset that proclaimed to be the best? Or said they had the best sound quality out there. And how many times have you been disappointed? About the same number right? Well let’s see how this headset performs in the heat of battle.

I constantly listen to music. I go mad if I am programming and it gets to quiet. The variety of the music I listen to is vast. Everything from classical with Mr. Holland’s Opus, to hip-hop with the Black Eyed Peas, to techno-trance with Paul Oakenfold. I have to be honest, right out of the package, the sound quality sucked. It almost sounded like there was no bass. This however, was easily fixed with fine-tuning my sound cards equalizer.

I will be testing the full usage of the headset with one of my favorite new games. It is a squad based First Person Shooter (or FPS) from EA called Battlefield 2.

Battlefield 2

In Battlefield 2, a good gaming headset is key. In this FPS, you can either go lone wolf, or be apart of a 6 man squad. If you choose the latter, your microphone has to be topnotch. If communication is not there, it is very hard to accomplish anything. And there is no way to communicate with the commander if you’re the squad leader if you’re with a mic. This being said, I plugged in my new headset and jumped right into battle.

First off, the sound was incredible. Gunshots were frightening realistic and I could here in what direction footsteps were coming from. After playing for about 2 hours with the same squad, I asked my friends how well I came through. They wanted to know what headset I was using because the connection was so pure; it was only second to being at a LAN party and having me right next to them.

There is no question that this headset lives up to the Logitech name. If you are looking for a headset to use for both your extended game playing and music listening needs, the Precision PC Gaming Headset is the one for you.

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