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Logitech Z-4 2.1 Speakers

Date: October 24, 2005
Author(s): Jen McPherson

Listening to music and watching movies on our PC’s has become something we do on a daily basis, and how that sound is output is very important. The audio should be crisp, clear and undisturbed by distortions caused by speakers. The Logitech Z-4, an award winning product, promises crystal clear sound deliverance in a sleek retro design with advanced driver technology.


From just looking at the box I am excited to hook these up and give them a go. The packaging is great, and everything was snug in the box. Now lets begin our review!

About Logitech

Logitech designs, manufactures and markets personal peripherals that enable people to effectively work, play, and communicate in the digital world. The company’s products combine essential core technologies, continuing innovation, award-winning industrial design and excellent price performance.

About Logitech Z-4 Audio System

Enhance your listening experience. Sleek satellite design combines one active and two pressure drivers for a rich, full audio experience. Optimize your sound. Award-winning and patented Logitech pressure-driver subwoofer technology delivers unparalleled distortion-free bass. Maximize your MP3 music. The Logitech Z-4 speakers contain a convenient input for MP3 players, CD players or other portable audio devices on the wired remote. Show your style. The high-gloss finish and cast-metal stands complement any desktop.

Design, Installation and Performance

Upon taking the Z-4 out of the box I was completely impressed. It looked even better in person, and the speakers were larger than I had first thought. This set is very modern and sleek and would make a great addition to any PC setup.

Looking over the speakers the front is smooth and glossy, the stands cast metal, that are buffed to a matte finish. They are stylish, and not very heavy, but you know they are made well just by lifting one, and stand securely-without wobbling- on my desktop. They are quite tall, nine inches in fact, and are about three inches wide. The actual speaker openings are covered in a soft, rubber-like smooth material, and not very porous, so I wondered how sound would carry through them. I was skeptical.

The subwoofer is a perfect cube, again with the same glossy front as the speakers, and a metal trim around the front edge. A black metal mesh covers the opening, and everything plugs into the back easily, with all the slots color coded. Set up on this took less than two minutes. I think it took me longer just to decide where to put the subwoofer amongst my limited desk space.

Opposed to my old speakers, which had the volume dial on the speaker itself and the bass control on the subwoofer, this set comes with a wired remote, that again carries the same glossy black finish and metal trim. The bass, volume and on/off switch are located on this, and you can position it just about anywhere on your desk. The on/off switch is depressible- which makes it great for when you have to shut the sound off quickly, like when the phone rings. The control also has a plug-in on the bottom side for headphones and auxiliary plug-in for other portable audio devices.

They are also compatible with game consoles, Xbox, Playstation 2 and GameCube. In order for that setup to work, however, you will need a console adapter that you can purchase at We will be using the speakers with a PC setup.


So now that everything is set up and ready to go I load my music and begin my initial testing. I used several different songs with a unique tone to them, a variety of pitches and instruments, as well as vocals. When I first looked at the speakers I did wonder how the sound would be with that weird rubber over the speakers, but when I turned the music on I was impressed. The sound was perfect, it came out crisp and clear.

Happy with the results of normal volume and bass setting I crank the volume up. Full on my windows settings and on the volume dial… pure… loud… ear rattling. Yet… no distortion from the speakers what-so-ever. No crackles or fizzles, not one. They are fantastic even when it was blasting my ears into bits and rattling the windows. Perfect audio through and through.

Feel Good Inc. was fantastic in the bass test, for the bass level set at high brought out the rich deep tones in the song, with no distortion from the subwoofer or speakers.

I listened to music all day with these speakers and the sound quality just won me over. They carry sound fantastic not only when your sitting at your PC, but also when you get up and walk out of the room. Standing in my kitchen preparing some lunch I got to listen to my favorite tunes in clear audio, and gaming… loads of fun when the sound is clear and alive.

As stated earlier on the wired controller there is a plug in on the bottom for a headset and an plug-in for other music media. I didn’t get to test out the auxiliary plug-in, but I did get to test out my headphones, which worked fantastic. Plugging them in right on my desktop was so much easier than having to go around on my PC and plug them in. A handy feature for sure.


The Logitech Z-4 certainly impressed me, it is a great set, where quality and style meet with capable function, and can see why the Z series speakers have won so many awards. One can tell the quality of this set just by touching and listening to them, for seeing and hearing is believing. The sound is superb and the set itself is very stylish. My desktop certainly looked rather dull until I put these on it. And so I give the Logitech Z-4 a 9 out of 10, and an Editor’s Choice award.

The current price listed for this fantastic audio set is $129.95 CAD (About 109.45 USD) Well worth the investment. Thanks to Logitech for allowing us to review this extraordinary product!

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