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The Girls of Computex 2009

Date: June 5, 2009
Author(s): Rob Williams

Computex is home to many things – PC components, gadgets, new technologies and everything else related to the computer industry. But, there’s a certain fixture that most every tradeshow has… girls. There was certainly no shortage of cuties hovering around the show floor this time around, and we have all the pictures to prove it!


Although we attend a fair amount of trade shows throughout the year, it’s rare when I even consider the idea of posting an article focusing on the “booth babes”. In fact, this is the first such article we’ve ever posted, and if it’s well-received, we’ll be sure to make it a regular stature for all large trade shows we attend.

I don’t recall too many product models at last year’s Computex, and I specifically remember considering to publish an article like this, but decided not to since I didn’t have enough pictures to work with. This year was far different, and in a way, the sheer number of gorgeous women all over the place was a little overwhelming (but how on earth is that a bad thing?).

That all said, this kind of article doesn’t require a huge amount of text to preface it, so without hogging all the space in your web browser, let’s get right to the photos. These are posted in the same order they were shot.

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