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Ultra X-Finity 600W PSU

Date: May 2, 2005
Author(s): Rob Williams

Todays high-end computers can no longer run on 400W PSU’s, it’s a fact. There are plenty of high-end PSU’s out there, but many aren’t that appealing to the eye. If you are looking for a PSU with looks and power, check out our review of the 600W X-Finity.


Without a doubt, newer computers continuously enjoy emptying your wallet due to a forced PSU purchase. Two years ago, 400W would be sufficient for most any computer. In a high end computer today, you would just be asking it to pop.

In this review, we are taking a look at Ultras newest PSU offering, the X-Finity 600W. This is no doubt sufficient for most of today’s high end computers. Unless you have an ultra computer with a 6800U/GT SLi setup and many other components, 600W is more than enough power.


As mentioned in the intro, this PSU is not only about power, but also about style. Coming from Ultra, we never expect them to release anything ordinary, or anything that’s not eye-catching. This PSU is no exception, by any stretch.

Likely the first thing to note about the X-Finity, is that it has a window on both sides. This in itself looks cool, but is even made better by the two 80mm fans that emit light from two blue LED’s.


The PSU also has a great Titanium glossy finish, and is completely reflective. Unlike our recent X-Connect review, this time I made sure that I didn’t get my grubby thumbprints all over the place.

As we know, the X-Finity has a combined wattage of 600W. We can see how this wattage is determined by checking out the chart that’s available from the Ultra website.

The power supply also has a range of various features for protection means. Of course there is over voltage protection, and on this particular PSU it is as follows: +5v: 6.6v, +12v: 15.6V and the +3.3v: 4.5v. Other protections that the PSU has that I won’t get into are Short Circuit, In-rush Current, Thermal Overload, Over-Temperature, Over-Current and Under-Voltage.

Opening up the PSU reveals a lot. There’s a lot of connections and screws going on inside, and what you see, is the most I was able to take it apart. Two parts are attached to create the full unit, and they are unable to be taken apart.


Installation as expected was super smooth, no problems at all. The PSU also has no shortage of connections, so that’s far from being a problem. Included are (8) 4-Pin, 2 S-ATA, 2 Floppy, (1) 4-Pin P4, (1) 6-Pin and the motherboard 20-Pin. If you have a motherboard that has 24-Pins, you don’t have to worry, as the PSU comes with a 20 to 24 Pin adapter.

There’s no shortage of 4-Pin Molex connections especially. Only the Motherboard connection is sleeved, so if you are looking for a better look, you may want to grab a sleeving kit. It would be cool if they combined the best of both worlds, and made an X-Finity version that has Modular Cables, like the X-Connect.


The tests are performed on an AMD 2600+ @2.24Ghz, MSI KT4V, 1GB DDR400, 2 * 200GB WD, 160GB WD, Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb, Phillips PSC724 5.1, Lite-On DVD+RW 8x, NIC and 4 system fans, not including the VGA or CPU cooler.

The idle tests were performed, just as so. Boot up the computer, leave on for 30 minutes, then take the figures. The average was taken from normal use, music, internet, normal things. Lastly, the max load was performed by running SiSofts Sandra 2005 Burn-In test, while running a Prime95 calculation at the same time, for 30 minutes.

All figures were grabbed using Motherboard Monitor. It’s interesting to note that no voltages hit their bases. The largest fluctuation was the +12v at 12.16, which is 1.4% of an increase, which is great. All the figures were extremely stable, unlike the X-Connect which hit a 13.13 on the +12v rail.


If you are looking for a great looking power supply with more than enough power for most systems, you may want to look into getting an X-Finity 600W. Especially if you have a window in your case, this will seriously add some style.

Even if you don’t have a window in your case, the back fan in the PSU emits a bright blue light out, which in turn makes your wall look cool. The X-Finity we reviewed is only one of the three choices you can select from. If Black or Blue is your flavor, they have those in the same Titanium mirror finish. They also have X-Finity’s in 500W versions, without the windows.

With all the cool features of the PSU, stable voltages and great price, the X-Finity has earned our Editors Choice award.

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