CES 2013: Thermaltake Beefs Up Chaser Series with New Models

Posted on January 10, 2013 12:45 PM by Ryan Perry

We looked at the Thermaltake Chaser MK-I well over a year ago and it impressed us enough to walk away with an Editor’s Choice Award. Well, here we are today with CES 2013 in full swing and with it, an announcement from Thermaltake showing off the next generation of the Chaser series.

This time around Tt is launching two mid-tower versions in addition to the redesigned full-tower model. The first is the A31, which will be available in black, white and a very eye-catching blue. It comes with two 120mm fans and features a more basic, clean look that might appeal to folks who thought that the styling of the original was a bit too much.


The other mid-tower case, the A41, will come in black and white and begins to resemble the original MK-I. It sports enough room to run three GPUs and comes with an extra 200mm fan pre-installed on the top, in addition to two 120mm fans.


Finally we have the Grand Daddy of them all, the A71 full-tower case, which looks like a cross between the two mid-tower models and the original. It can handle a triple GPU setup as well, comes with 200mm fans pre-installed on the front, top and left side, a 120mm fan on the back and an external hot swap bay on the top.


All three models feature USB 3.0 ports, tool-less drive bays, support for liquid cooling, advanced cable management (which I couldn’t find any shots of, but hope it ends up being like the Level 10 GT), and a window on the side panel.

Hmm… what was the last line of the MK-I review? I think it went something like, “If this is the MK-1 version of the Chaser, I can’t wait to see what the MK-2 and beyond will offer.”

I guess now we know.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deathspawner Rob Williams

    I kind of fancy the look of the A71. If only that neon blue could be replaced with TG orange…

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