NVIDIA’s Third 700 Series Card: The $249 GeForce GTX 760

Posted on June 25, 2013 4:21 PM by Rob Williams

After introducing two higher-end graphics cards last month in the form of the GeForce GTX 780 and 770, we wondered if NVIDIA had something else up its sleeve – you know, for those preferring to keep things well under $400. Today, we have our answer: GeForce GTX 760. Priced at $249, the GTX 760 looks to be an attractive option for anyone hoping to pick up a current card that will run all current games quite well at 1080p.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

Like the GTX 770, the 760 is based on GK104 silicon, but there are a couple of considerable upgrades over the GTX 660. For starters, the core count has been bumped from 960 to 1152, and the memory bus has likewise seen an increase to 256-bit. Interestingly, NVIDIA has been clear about the 760 being the last launch for a little while, at least through the fall (which means we might see something before the year end, but that’s just speculation). So, if you are in the market for an NVIDIA GPU now, there’s little point in holding off for another launch.

NVIDIA GeForce SeriesCoresCore MHzMemoryMem MHzMem BusTDP
GeForce GTX Titan26888376144MB6008384-bit250W
GeForce GTX 78023048633072MB6008384-bit250W
GeForce GTX 770153610462048MB7010256-bit230W
GeForce GTX 76011529802048MB6008256-bit170W
GeForce GTX 69030729152x 2048MB6008256-bit300W
GeForce GTX 680153610062048MB6008256-bit195W
GeForce GTX 67013449152048MB6008256-bit170W
GeForce GTX 660 Ti13449152048MB6008192-bit150W
GeForce GTX 6609609802048MB6000192-bit140W
GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST7689802048MB6008192-bit134W
GeForce GTX 650 Ti7689251024MB5400128-bit110W
GeForce GTX 65038410581024MB5000128-bit64W

Our review will come in the following days, but in our initial benchmarking, the card looks to be pretty impressive for its price-point, and as you’d assume by the specs alone, it has a lot more oomph than the GTX 660.

  • Bilal Khan

    Any chance of a review?!?

    • http://techgage.com/ Rob Williams

      Did you even read the post? ;-)

      • Bilal Khan

        Ah hehe, my bad! :)

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