ASUS Lamborghini VX2

by Rob Williams on May 2, 2007 in Systems

When we took the VX1 for a test drive in November, we were impressed. ASUS has returned though with an update, appropriately called the VX2. It includes revamped styling, a much more appropriate video card, a fingerprint reader and high-end webcam. If you’ve been holding out for a revision, you will be glad you did.

Page 3 – Closer Look Cont.

ASUS is not new to adding leather to their notebooks, so it’s no surprise to see them add it to the revised Lamborghini. You can click the photo below for a near full-resolution image to better see the texture and also the touchpad. Yes, that’s a thumbprint reader you see there, and throughout all of my tests, it performed exceptionally.

Here are a few more close-ups.

Right beneath the screen you’ll find the power, bluetooth enable, performance button, wifi enable, touchpad enable and also the button for quick access to the media player.

The opposite end has no additional buttons, but you can see the fine-stitched leather that runs along the entire laptop.

Unlike the VX1, this notebook includes a high-performance 1.3 megapixel camera, which certainly beats the 0.35MP camera seen on the recently reviewed A8Js. ASUS didn’t want to sacrifice any class when it comes to the webcam, so there is a chainmail-like guard around it. The camera swivels so you can line up appropriately, and it stays completely still when the notebook cover is closed.

The obligatory shot of the keys.

The bottom is where things get interesting. What’s the first thing you notice? Would it be the hubcap?

This hubcap is modeled after those found on the stock Gallardo. Stock meaning non-Spyder, non-Superleggera. It’s simply here to be visually appealing, and that it does well. It’s not exhaust however, but rather underneath is a leaf-blower fan to blow warm air out the nearest exit.

On the right side of the laptop you’ll find an express port, media card reader, IR port, audio ports, single USB port, firewire port, exhaust area, modem port and finally the power jack.

On the left side is the LAN port, video out, VGA, dual USB ports, DVI port and the optical drive. The back of the notebook is clean of anything except the Kensington’s security port.

Normally I try to include photos of the laptop with the back panels removed to show what’s underneath, but this was not possible with the VX2. It’s built secure, so it will be difficult to take apart if you want to take a peek inside. I was not comfortable removing some of the panels as it felt like something was going to snap. The VX2, like the original, includes a stylish bag.

In the picture above you can see the shoulder strap and also the felt bag that will fit your VX2 before putting it into the larger bag. Placing it in this felt bag first will protect it from scratches, or if you don’t mind carrying it around without a handle, you could simply use this bag if you wanted.

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