Coolmax CXI 600W PSU

by Rob Williams on December 2, 2005 in Cases & PSUs

As time goes by, we quickly realize how much power our computer really needs. You don’t want a PSU that provides ‘just enough’; you want one that will help provide clean power and be able to not worry about it dieing. Today we are taking a look at the Coolmax CXI 600W, which will easily power most systems today.

Page 1 – Introduction

The first Coolmax PSU we took a look at was back in September, which came in a 400W flavor. Since then, I have been using it in my system, and only now have swapped it for the supply we are looking at today. Since I’ve been using the 400W for a few months, rather than a week, I can say that I am very impressed with the continued performance. It’s still very stable and extremely quiet. Of course, what happens when you need more power? If you have a beastly system, then it’s not only a luxury, but a necessity.

I personally don’t have a system that could touch a full 600W, but I will testing it to the utmost point that I can. If you have decent gaming system, you may not likely need 600W; 400W would work for you just fine. When you bump up to an SLi setup though, or love overclocking all of your components, than a large, stable PSU can help quite a bit. I love to overclock, and I am hoping that a larger PSU will help me out a bit… primarily the GPU.

Coolmax is not usually a name that pops up when people recommend PSU’s, and I’m starting to wonder why. After using the CXI 400W for a few months, I’ve become quite happy with it and trust Coolmax more than some other popular manufacturers. This model is quite similar to the one we have already reviewed, but let’s start fresh. In the CXI series, the 500W and 600W are the only ones meant for SLi, and include two PCI-E connectors; one for each GPU.

The PSU is designed for the modern computer, and includes most of what you would expect on a quality model. As already mentioned, there are two PCI-E connectors, in addition to two S-ATA connectors. There are a total of 6 standard 4-Pin Molex connectors for your HDD’s and DVD-Rom’s and 2 floppy 4-Pin also. This PSU follows the latest standard, so it includes a 24-Pin motherboard connector. If you have a motherboard that can’t use a 24 pin, you can snap off the last 4 and it will work fine. Lastly, there is also a 4-Pin P4 power connector. Here are summarized specifications and connector listing. In addition, a graph is provided to show the difference between this power supply and other CXI models.

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