Coolmax CXI 600W PSU

by Rob Williams on December 2, 2005 in Cases & PSUs

As time goes by, we quickly realize how much power our computer really needs. You don’t want a PSU that provides ‘just enough’; you want one that will help provide clean power and be able to not worry about it dieing. Today we are taking a look at the Coolmax CXI 600W, which will easily power most systems today.

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I somewhat am a fan of Coolmax, because the two products I have used so far I have been quite impressed with. When I receive a product from a huge company that is already known for making top notch products, it’s no surprise when the product works well. When a company comes along like Coolmax, whose name is not really all over the place, and they deliver such a quality product, it’s a great thing.

Because of the awesome build quality and high stability of this PSU, I am awarding it a 9 out of 10, and give it our Editors Choice award. A power supply is never usually something that people think may deserve an Editors Choice award, but this is a top notch product. One factor that helps the score is that it only retails for $98.99US at NewEgg. It’s actually one of the lowest priced 600W PSU’s I seen there, whereas similar OCZ and SilverStone PSU’s cost up to $50 more.

The only thing that may sway you from purchasing this particular product is that it does not integrate a modular cable system, which many people look for in power supplies now. The other thing is that the 24-Pin motherboard cable is the only one that is sleeved. Those are small issues though, if they can even be called issues. The sound that the single 120mm fan generates should also be mentioned. The PSU supports three speeds for the fan, but is on Medium by default. At that level, I could barely hear the fan at all, with no other sounds in the room. I had to put my ear close to it in order to hear anything. On High though, the fan is clearly audible, although you will likely not need it on that level. Other than that, this is a great looking power supply, that’s not too over done, and performs very well.

Thanks to Coolmax for putting out such a quality product. They have quite a nice line of PSU’s, but I am looking forward to seeing what they have up their sleeve. They recently released a PSU with a modular cable system, so they no doubt are willing to implement extra great features in order to gain customers.

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