Fable: The Lost Chapters Review

by Pete Johnson on October 28, 2005 in Gaming

Imagine a world of good and evil: With the power to choose your own place between the two. If you like to bring the devil out in you, or be a little good boy, or maybe a little bit of both. Then this game is definitely one for you.


Fable: The Lost Chapters

The path you choose will not only change the game play and quests you’ll receive, but it will also affect all of the other computer characters. This could result in making them either happy to see you, or turn their heads and run in fear. The game also has a few great features that I must mention right off.

The first thing that I noticed was the ability to communicate with the computer characters in an immature fashion. You can do this by using a wide variety of expression icons. You can: fart, burp, laugh, and dance. If you’re a ladies man you can also flirt. Fable has more expressions as you progress in the game. Again, you will get evil or good expressions depending on your path you are taking.

Fable has a unique naming scheme, although you can’t choose your own nick name, there is a Title Vender that lets you appoint a title that you like for yourself (Ex. Rune master, Druid, Assassin, liberator.) During the story line your name will be Hero You are not the only hero, there is a few more hero’s that will help you through out the gamethough.

The aging system works rather weird I thought. I did a few quests then I was suddenly age 40 from age 35; I had grown a huge beard and was like an old man with white hair. Even though as you progress, the age of your character seems to have no effect on anything but your looks. Good news is there is a barber shop in town to get your complexion back the way you want it.

Is Fable the lost chapters a warrior style game where you just hack and slash?
No it is definitely not. Fable has the capability to choose what character style you prefer.
What I noticed was that you could specialize on being a great powerful warrior, a stealthy
Archer or be a spell caster. When I got around to it, I had specialized in all 3 types and I was able to do everything the game had to offer.