Logisys Acrylic Case Contest! – Winners Announced

by Techgage Staff on April 10, 2005 in Contests

Our Logisys contest is now over, and the winners have been chosen! Check inside to see who won, and thanks for all who entered! The contest went very smoothly, and now we have a great new forum rank system!

Thanks to Logisys Computer for sponsoring this contest!

Our Logisys Contest is now over, and the winners have been picked! First, let’s get to the winner of the great Acrylic Case!

The winner is, Will Nave! Huge congrats to him, especially since he happened to be the FIRST person to enter. Here was his contest entry:

1. Obliviot [0 Posts]
2. E.M.I. [50 Posts]
3. Coastermaker [100 Posts]
4. Partition Master [250 Posts]
5. Tech Monkey [500 Posts]
6. Tech Junkie [1000 Posts]
7. Master Modder [2500 Posts]
8. Locutus (l33t Borg Yo) [5000 Posts]
9. Hardw1red [7500 Posts]
10. Tech Guru [10,000 Posts]

These will be implemented shortly. Thanks to all who entered this contest, the results were awesome. The winner was chosen by my asking 10 people not related to the contest to pick their favorite. Will’s entry scored 60% of the total votes :)

And for the second contest! The winners are as follows, and were chosen with a random number generator.
#3 – CCFL Kit – Ultragooey
#2 – LED Fan Mouse – Muddy
#1 – Alien Speakers – Kilamon

Stay tuned for more contests in the future. Huge thanks to Logisys Computer for supplying the great prizes in this contest!

Contest is now CLOSED:
In an attempt to make our forums more active, we are holding a contest, sponsored by Logisys. We actually have two contests, and they are very easy, and require little skill to enter!

Contest #1: Create a forum ranking system!
What’s a forum without a Rank system? It’s much more fun when a poster has a new rank to reach, and for that reason, this contest is being held. We at Techgage, are just not creative enough to come up with a Ranking system on our own, so we are pleading for your help! Here are the dirty specific rules:

Create User Ranks, as well as the scale at when a rank will change. IE: 0 Posts: Noobie, 50 Posts: Not So Noobie, 100 Posts: Noob Tech and so on. Preferably up to 10,000, with at least 10 different ranks. They preferably should be tech related, but don’t have to be extreme. Just use your imagination! There are many forums that I could use as examples, but I am not going to list them here.

The best set of Rank titles will be what we used, and it will be judged by the Techgage staff. If the staff here are at a bind, then we will get outside unbiased friends to give us their input as well. Winner of this contest will receive a Logisys Clear Accrylic case.

“Logisys acrylic case is completely clear, and comes with pre-assembled, ready to go right out of the box. This case also comes with five 80mm LED clear fans with wire fan grills included! There is plenty of room for different devices with four 5.25″ bays, two 3.5″ bays, and six HDD bays. There are also front USB and audio jacks for any gaming devices or other USB devices.” – You can view more info on it here.


Contest #2: Post an entry in the thread!
This is a very easy contest, as you only need to post in the entry thread to enter. However, there is a catch! You need to have at least 5 valid posts, not spam, to enter. If you have less than 5 posts, we will not count it. Also, if you have 5 posts that don’t contribute to the forum in any way, we won’t count those. The winners will be chosen via random number generater, using your user ID as your.. ID. Here are the prizes for grabs here:

“Digital 2.1 home theater performances in movies, music and games, Powerful bass without distortion from its unique design subwoofer, Offers interactive gaming experiences in multi-speaker surround, Magnetic shielding safeguards computer monitor.” – More Info – This will be awarded as a #1 prize.

“Cool Fan Mouse is one of our flagship products in our product portfolio since the day one we have introduced the product into the market. We have made a great effort to improve the performance and stability of the product for gaming needs. This mouse was engineered with a quiet performed fan with on and off switch on the side. ” – More Info – This will be awarded as a #2 prize.

“This 2 in 1 UV-Blue inter-switchable CCFL kit differs from all these CCFL kits on the market that it contains two light sources, one bright blue for daytime view and one UV blue for night vision. With the handy switch on the PCI back panel, you can control the light sources at your choice for bright blue lighting or for UV blue illumination.” – More Info – This will be awarded as a #3 prize.


Contest starts on Friday, March 25th, and ends April 8th. If you win one contest, you cannot win the other. The winner for Contest #1 will be chosen first, followed by the winners for Contest #2. Once the contest ends, winners will be chosen and posted on the site, and in the forums. I will PM the winners for information I need to ship the prize to you. If you have any questions related to the contest, please feel free to e-mail me at rob.williams [at] techgage.com. Good luck to all who enter.

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