Logitech G25 Racing Wheel

by Greg King on February 27, 2007 in Peripherals

When it comes to racing wheels, the choices are slim. Today we take out Logitech’s G25 for a test drive to see if it can live up to our expectations. With stainless steel and real leather, it’s off to a fast start but can it deliver where it counts… in the games?

Games, Usage and Conclusion

To test out the G25, we are going to use a pair of racing games but first we needed to install the provided software and driver.

The first game up is rFactor. Included with the wheel itself is a demo of this game but the guys over at Image Space were kind enough to provide us with a full blown version of the game. Comparable to Gran Turismo as far as realistic representation is concerned, rFactor has a strong online following and the modding community has taking the game under their wings and ran with it. Using the G25, as well as going back to the keyboard, the difference is night and day.

With the overwhelming force feedback of the G25, you can physically feel the car, minus things like, you know, inertia, which greatly helps when cornering. In the following picture, you can see all of the different settings that you can use with the G25. With any game, it’s vital to take your time and setup the controls exactly how you want them. This allows you to fine tune the controls to your liking and as you get used to them, you can take full advantage of the hardware at your disposal.

The second game up was Need for Speed: Carbon. This is a personal favorite of mine and while I wish we could go back to the days of the first two NFS games, I will take what I can get. As far as an entertaining racing game goes, Carbon has it nailed. This is a game that I could honestly play for hours, and actually have. In the game, you play a street racer who has returned to town after a brief “vacation” and throughout the game, you build your rep by defeating rival car clubs on their own turf. It’s a rather simple premise but it does make for an entertaining game. Just like rFactor, Carbon has a special profile for the G25. With this profile, you can fine tune your controls and with the team options, you can make great use of the buttons on the shifter.

Throughout the games, the response of the G25 was tight and accurate allowing a realistic driving experience.


Logitech announced the G25 back in 2006 at E3. Units were eagerly anticipated and finally shipped to retailers last October. Logitech insists that they are limited in production which is either to keep the price up or to make them “exclusive” to those that have them. While production numbers are not known, the limited quantities have not produced shortages at popular online retails. This could be because the G25 comes with an MSRP of $299.00 (US).

With a suggested price just under 300 dollars, they can be found around the net in the mid to upper $200s. While expensive, the experience we had using the G25 more than makes up for the price. The feel of a long drift through the dual force-feedback motors was incredible and there were times where I actually became fatigued. Now I know that sounds bad, but the motors are that strong. This helps add to the realism in the game itself.

We have worked with the G25 racing wheel for just over 3 weeks now and there hasn’t been a time where we have been disappointed. There have been friends come over and use it too and the return was all smiles. Logitech has hit a home run here and if the price can stay in the mid $200s, we at Techgage can whole heartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for the ultimate, affordable, racing wheel for their games. It should also be mentioned that the G25 also works with the PlayStation 2 as well. While we devoted a lot of our time on the PC, we did give it a go on the PS2. While enjoyable, the experience was nothing compared to the PC. As a $300 peripheral to the PS2, we do not recommend this, but if you’re looking for a great wheel for your PC, the G25 is it.


  • High quality construction
  • Ease of installation
  • Leather wheel and shifter
  • Accurate
  • 12 total programmable buttons

  • Price can be a bit steep for most
  • Rubber should be used on the clamps and pedals

That’s it, that’s all I have as far as complaints. As stated earlier, the price is just under $300 dollars but Logitech has certainly made a product worth every penny. Add in the fact that it’s a limited edition wheel and you have an exclusive, quality racing wheel. The Logitech G25 has earned a 9 out of 10.

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