Matrix Orbital MX610

by Greg King on July 17, 2006 in Peripherals

Are you looking to spice up your case mod with a multi-function LCD panel that gives you tons of tweaking ability? While the MX610 is not for the novice, it gives plenty of power to those who want it… and are willing to learn the LCDC software.

Page 2 – Further Inspection

On the back, the most noticeable thing we can see is the USB connector. On the very left of the unit, we see 4 male plugs for thermal probes and directly to the right of them, there are 3 male connectors for fans. To the immediate right of the USB hub, there are pins for an internal USB cable that you can connect directly to your motherboard.

Also, from a top view, we can see that there are actually two PCBs. One is strictly to control the display and the back one is to obviously handle the I/O. There is also an extra power connection, in the form of a floppy power cable connector, should you require more power.

Moving to the accessories, the MX6 came to me with packaged as an OEM product, hence the lack of packaging pictures. We have seen the USB cable as it came zip tied to the PCB of the Orbital but also included was another USB cable that allows you to hook directly into your motherboard, giving the overall look of your case a much cleaner look.

Next we move onto the LED display that you can program to signal any number of things. This little PCB also comes with a handy template should you actually wish to cut your case and install the 3 LED board on your PC. I will show this but will not actually be installing this onto my case.

And the back:

And finally, the cable that it connects it to the MX6.

The last thing that was included in the unit when it was shipped is a thermal probe. This, like any thermal probe, can be mounted anywhere in your case to give you temperature readings.

I should note now that the MX6 is somewhat of a paperweight without the proper software. This is not a device where you can plug it in and forget it. It takes a bit of work and it takes a lot of LCDC.

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