Scythe Mine CPU Cooler

by Greg King on May 23, 2006 in Cooling

Heat is the enemy of any electronic component and most especially the CPU. If your CPU is overheating you won’t get the performance you should and if your cooler is screaming to relieve that heat you’ll wish there was a better way. Today we look at a cooler that offers good performance without mind numbing noise, the Scythe MINE.

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Pretty mindless enjoyment when installing this cooler. Scythe has made it that easy. So far, so good but lets see how the cooler performs. Shall we?

For starters, I took down the temperatures while the PC sat at idle and then again when under a full load. Load was achieved by running CPU Burn-In while calculating Pi to 32 million places. That should give the Sandy a hell of a workout so let’s see how the Mine cooler did.

Here it is at idle:

And again under load:

There you have it folks. The Scythe preformed admirably when asked to step up and cool the CPU. Let’s take a look at a comparison of some coolers that I have used in the past. All of these coolers were used in the same case with the same hardware so the results reflect a fair comparison.

When put up against the other coolers, the Mine cooler bests some and lags behind others but keeps pace with them all. All of the numbers above are acceptable, even under load and the difference between them all is 4 degrees idle and only 3 when under load. These are all nice coolers and the Scythe deserves to be up there in the class of coolers at the top.

The most impressive thing about the Mine cooler is the virtual silent operating noise. Using ITE Smartguardian, I was able to slow down the Mine’s fan to 100 RPMs and when I cranked it back up to 1500 RPMs, there was not a noticeable difference in sound. The thing is just that quiet.


  • Quiet!
  • Uses stock heatsink retention bracket
  • Effective
  • Mirror finish to the all copper base
  • Ingenious socket adapter installation
  • Solid

  • Large

That’s it folks. The Scythe Mine cooler is with out a doubt, a cooler that I can recommend to friends and strangers alike. The cooler was easy to install, quiet and light. The copper base was not only smooth but had a mirror like finish. The only gripe that I had with this cooler was the sheer size and dimensions of the thing. This certainly would not fit in and SFF case. This isn’t really a problem though because this cooler is aimed at the DIYers and more often than not, a standard ATX case is used.

Aside from the size concerns, the Mine cooler deserves a very solid 9 out of 10. This was a treat to work with and it preformed as well as almost every cooler that I have reviewed in the past. I am also bestowing an editor’s choice award as well because this cooler isn’t coming off this PC for a while.

It’s just that quiet.

Many thanks to Scythe for their dedication to the PC gaming and modding community. It’s support from companies like theirs that makes this the greatest industry in the world.

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