Steganos Security Suite 2006

by Rob Williams on December 14, 2005 in Security, Software

Steganos cares about your computer security, and offers a complete suite to make sure you are kept safe. It combines 10 security tools together into one massive package, and we are going to take a look at what’s available and see if it’s worth your money.

Port. Safe, Pass. Manager

Portable Safe 8

Portable Safe is identical to Safe except that everything resides on a CD-Rom or Thumb Drive. This is actually extremely cool if you can picture some of the possibilities. Imagine having data that you must mail to a co-worker, but no one is supposed to view the data except for them. They insert the disk and input a password to view the data; very James Bond-ish! When you create the drive to the portable disc originally, you will be asked to input a password. It will create files, including an autorun.inf to the drive or ROM, which is set to open up the starter.exe one it’s plugged into the computer.

Copying to a Thumb Drive seems easy enough, but how is this possible on a CD-Rom? When you select to burn to a ROM, it will give you the choice of CD/DVD/DVD DL and depending on the amount of space you will need, you can choose that accordingly. It will create a folder on your desktop where you are to place all of the data that will be encrypted. You simply burn that folder when you are finished, and that’s it. Remove the folder and you are good to go.

I tested both methods here, and they both worked incredibly well. The Thumb Drive doesn’t automatically popup with a password prompt, so I had to manually open up the starter. CD-Rom’s obviously support autoruns quite well so I had no issues there. Of course, it’s impossible to edit data off of a CD-Rom or DVD-Rom, so it should be treated as read only. If you sent it to a friend who does not have the Security Suite, then they will not be able to get the data back to you in the same secure manner.

Private Favorites

The title of this tool really does speak for itself. We have taken a look at this one with our evaluation of Internet Anonym 2006, but it’s nice to see they have included it in this package also. In one sentence: You are able to store bookmarks within this tool that you don’t want others to see. Of course, if there’s any level of protection at all, you will want to use a nice long password to keep things really secure.

After you set your password, you are greeted with a simple box. You have the option to add a new bookmark or edit one that is already there. This tool is split into two sections: Unencrypted and Encrypted. There should be some already in the unencrypted area, because it will use whatever you have in your IE favorites list. If you click any link however, they will load in your default browser. This tool has it’s uses, but is not one everyone will need. If you have an addiction though, then use this tool to protect your dignity.

Password Manager

Just as it sounds, this tool can keep track of all your passwords so that you only need to remember one. This is probably overkill if you use the same password for everything even though that’s not recommended. I personally do use the same password for everything, but it’s ~20 characters long, so I am not that concerned. If you like to use various passwords all over, then you will love this tool.

If you don’t care about ever wanting to remember any password, you can use the included password generator. You can adjust the level of difficulty and choose whether to use special characters or not. One password I had it generate even included a ยง sign, which is pretty hardcore if you ask me. The Password Manager can even fill out forms for you automatically, although I was not able to get this to work.

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