Tagan Silver Power SP-1000W

by Greg King on June 28, 2007 in Cases & PSUs

It seems that with each new advancement in hardware, the power requirements increase twice as fast… that power has to come from somewhere. Tagan sent us up the Silver Power 1000W to evaluate so thats what we did.

Testing, Final Thoughts

First off, I want to repeat that there was not a load tester involved in the review of this power supply. While we do have one at our disposable, this editor does not have access to its capabilities. With that in mind, we are taking the approach of placing it in a real world environment. To do this, we simply hooked up as many peripherals as we had around, accessed them, spun them up, overclocked them and kept them going. We basically threw everything that we had at it.

For good measure, once we completed the tests, we did it all again, but this time, the power supply was placed in a box and heated up to approximately 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, the system was loaded and left for 2 hours.

To get a reading on the rails, we could have used the numbers that the BIOS spit out at us, but instead, we took the high(er) road and used a trusty multimeter. Before we get into the results, here is the machine that we used to test.

Now for the results:

As the graph shows, the rails remained solid, even with all of the devices they were feeding revved up as high as we could get them. Without a load tester, this is going to have to do. In the event that this power supply can be hooked up to the tester, we will certainly post the additional results here.

Final Thoughts

To wrap the review up, I would like to touch upon the serious need for power supplies like this. As the results have show, the SP-1000W is a very stable power supply and fed our PC without a hitch. While it offers up to 1000W of power, very few people are going to need a PSU of this caliber anytime soon. With that said, for those that do need something like this offering from Tagan, I can recommend it whole heartedly.

It should prove adequate for anyone who either upgrades hardware frequently or overclocks what they have to it’s limit. While 1000Ws seems like a lot, and it is, the SP-1000W from Silver Power / Tagan, provides that 1000Ws of power quite reliably, kudos to Tagan for delivering on an outstanding product once again. It’s because all of this that the Silver Power SP-1000W earns an 8 out of 10.

It should be also mentioned that it was confirmed to me that Tagan is working on another version of this power supply that will include modular cables and a 120mm fan. While they feel that the 80mm fan is adequate, so many people are calling for something a bit quieter, this editor included.

Online pricing for this power supply could not be found but an educated guess would place it somewhere in the $200 to $250 (US) price range. That’s a lot of money but look at it this way… your getting a full kilowatt of power for that price.


  • 1 KW of power!
  • 6 and 8 pin PCI-E connectors
  • Fully sleeved cables
  • Not the largest PSU we have ever seen
  • Solid and reliable rails

  • Thermally controlled 80mm fan is loud
  • Not modular

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