Thermaltake Mozart VC4000 HTPC Case

by Rory Buszka on July 9, 2007 in Cases & PSUs

The “Mozart” name implies style and grace, and the Mozart home theater PC case certainly offers elegant styling. But is its beauty only skin deep? Here’s an in-depth look at this popular home theater PC case from Thermaltake.


One of the most important decisions you can make in any PC build is the case that you choose. That’s because the case is the part of the PC that you interact physically with, and it not only has a large bearing on the look of the PC, but also the sound, and the weight. Home theater PC cases should be chosen for elegant aesthetics, but also for low noise output.

If the Mozart case has a deal-breaking fault, this is it – the Mozart is likely to be simply too loud for many people’s tastes. There were other issues – I scratched up the painted finish on a $179 power supply trying to squeeze it into the space provided, and the front door of the case doesn’t seem to line up with the rest of the front bezel, lending a cheap feel to an otherwise decent case.

There were some positive aspects of this case, however, reflective of Thermaltake’s many years of building PC cases for enthusiasts. The interior of the case offers plenty of space to work, and the exterior design is quite an elegant one. It looks darn good sitting on a desk. The case is solidly constructed, and while a little inconvenient at times, the internal braces add excellent rigidity to the case. One of the major benefits of this case is its ability to mount five 3.5″ drives, allowing you to build in over three terabytes of storage.

To sum it up, the Thermaltake Mozart case is an honest, solidly constructed case, with an elegant design and some thoughtful touches. However, it’s easy to spot the corners that were cut in its design and manufacturing, and in the end, I can only award the Thermaltake Mozart a Techgage score of 7. It’s an okay value, but it’s only an average representative of its market category.


  • Design matches high-end audio components
  • Elegant styling
  • Sturdy, quality construction
  • Accommodates a full-size ATX motherboard

  • Noisy cooling system
  • Lacks smoothness and ‘polish’
  • Heavy

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