Titan TTC-G3T Notebook Cooler

by Rob Williams on November 9, 2005 in Cooling

Is your laptop getting a little too hot around the collar? Sometimes doing even simple tasks on a notebook can heat it up in a hurry, making it uncomfortable to even use. Gaming can even be more frustrating, since the heat generated is making the entire laptop run like tar dripping from a roof. Today we are looking at Titan’s solution to the problem.

Page 1 – Introduction

As mentioned in the intro, an overheating laptop is not fun. I currently run a Dell Inspiron 5150, which uses the P4 HT 2.8GHz processor, which in itself helps a great bit with the overheating problem. Then you have a hard drive, that can heat up and hit 40°C simply by scanning it or copying files. Even if you have an old video card installed, such as my GeForce FX 5200, it will be make the problem far worse.

Even with a horrible GPU, I have played numerous games on this system such as: Lineage II, City of Heroes, Counter-Strike: Source and Asheron’s Call. Each one of these games have lagged to the point of not being able to play anymore. I am sure some of this is responsible due to the fact that there is only 512MB of memory in the computer, but I am guessing that even more has to do with the heat being generated.

Yes, laptops are designed to handle the heat. But I don’t buy the fact that everything will run just fine and dandy while the CPU is pushing 70°C. If you have ever felt the air that comes out of the back, then you will know where I come from. I could boil an egg.. or play with a spreadsheet. It would really depend on what I feel like for breakfast and whether there is a hangover involved.

At any rate, Titan has stepped right up to the plate to help solve this overheating issue. They are not new to the laptop cooler business, but their latest release, the G3T, certainly looks to be the most promising… and stylish. Since Titan’s primary job is to keep computers cool, I am guessing they know a thing or two on the subject.

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