Zalman Reserator 1 V2 and Fan Kit

by Matthew Harris on October 24, 2006 in Cooling

Water cooling has a lot of benefits. First off it’s more effective, water removes heat close to ten times better than air. Secondly it’s generally quieter, this is owed to waters better thermal capacity and the fact that the radiators used have way more area than a simple HSF does. Today we take a look at an un-traditional water cooling system that’s about as quiet as you’ll ever get.

Page 1 – Introduction

Zalman has been around in the enthusiast arena for quite some time. At first they made those kooky flower coolers without fans that performed on par with factory offerings. Eventually they started adding optional fans that hung on the case. Recently though, Zalman started adding integral fans to their coolers which put them into the good graces of the overclocking community. Many felt that Zalman’s designs were great for the silent computing crowd who rarely overclocked but weren’t advisable for a PC running balls to the wall with heavy overvolting.

Yes, yes I know this is a water cooling review but I’m leading somewhere with this, I promise. Eventually Zalman came out with a passive water cooling rig that relied on overall size to perform the function of a fan cooled radiator. At first the Reserator wasn’t widely held as being the overclocker’s darling as it was still a bit on the inefficient side. The blocks used weren’t as well engineered as the aftermarket blocks sold by their competition, they were very simple in design. In fact the GPU block was a straight through design with nothing to break up the flow. Zalman has been continually upgrading their block designs though. With each redesign the Reserator has undergone a facelift and has been refitted with the new blocks.

Let’s see what Zalman has to say about the Reserator 1 V2 shall we?


The Reserator 1 V2 incorporates Zalman’s HCET(High Capacity Extrusion Technique) technology, high efficiency cooling technology, and optimal heat dissipation design for exceptional cooling performance even through natural convection cooling.

The Reserator 1 V2 is a fanless water cooling system that unites the functions of a reservoir, radiator, and water pump into one system for easy operation. It is anodized and comes with a custom coolant to prevent corrosion.

The new CPU Water Block (ZM-WB4 Gold), VGA Water Block(ZM-GWB3), and the optional Northbridge Water Block(ZM-NWB1) and VGA RAM Water Block (ZM-RWB1) enable the setup of a complete Water Cooling System with excellent performance.

Features & Specifications

Reserator (Reservoir+Radiator+Water Pump)

“Reserator” is a compound word derived from ‘Reservoir’ and ‘Radiator’ – it acts as a reservoir while radiating heat. This product works well with natural convection and integrates a water pump inside for convenience.

– Dissipation Area : 1,274m2

– Weight : 6.5kg

– Dimensions : 150(L) x 150(W) x 592(H)mm

– Material : Anodized Pure Aluminum

– Coolant Capacity : Max. 2.5L

– Integrated Water Pump : 5 W, Qmax 300L/h

(A type: 230V-50Hz, B type: 120V-60Hz,

C type: 220V-60Hz, D type: 110V-60Hz)

– Maximum Lift : 0.5m

CPU Water Block (ZM-WB4 Gold)

The CPU Water Block incorporates a pure copper base for excellent heat transfer, and has gold plating to prevent corrosion. It supports Pentium 4 Socket 775/478 CPU and AMD Socket AM2/754/939/940 CPU, and is designed to be light weight and easy to install.

– Weight : 135g(Water Block)

– Dimensions : 63(L) x 63(W) x 16.5(H) mm

– Material : Polycarbonate Cover, Gold Plated Pure Copper Base

– Compatibility : Intel Pentium 4 (Socket 775/478)

AMD Sempron/AMD64 (Athlon 64/Athlon 64 FX/Opteron)

(Socket AM2/754/939/940)

VGA Water Block (ZM-GWB3)

The VGA Water Block incorporates a light weight pure aluminum base for high cooling performance, and is anodized and coated to prevent corrosion. It also incorporates revolving fittings that provide freedom in direction when connecting them with the tubes, which further allows simple installation.

– Weight : 100g

– Dimensions : 60.4(L) x 60.4(W) x 30(H) mm

– Material : Anodized Pure Aluminum

– Compatibility : Graphics cards with heatsink mounting holes

Anti-Corrosion Coolant (ZM-G200)

This coolant contains a high quality anti-corrosion agent for various materials including copper, aluminum, and plastic, that prevents corrosion for long term operation.

– Material : Propylene Glycol & Anti-Corrosion Agent

– Weight : 500ml

– Freezing Point : -9°C

– Exchange Cycle : 1 year

Flow Indicator

This component is connected in-line with the circulation tube for checking the circulation of the coolant. When the coolant is actively circulating, the cap inside the flow indicator shakes rapidly, providing easy indication of the circulation status.

Quick Coupling

The Fittings incorporate valves that prevent leaks when disconnecting the PVC Tubes allowing quick, convenient separation and reassembly of the Reserator for transport and coolant replacement.

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