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Indigo Prophecy Review

Date: November 12, 2005
Author(s): Pete Johnson

Atari and Quantic Dream have dropped upon us a real time thriller; but this game is no dark style game where your flash light is your best friend. Instead it starts off simple and makes you do the thinking and reacting. Indigo Prophecy really makes you, the player have all the control. Let’s get a little deeper, shall we?


You are eating at a small restaurant in the middle of New York… calm, quiet and minding your own business. You decide to use the restroom. You suddenly pull out a knife and start carving your arms and are bleeding all over the place, then decide to stab another man as he is washing up. After coming back to your senses you see a bloody knife in your hands and a dead man in front of you. Well what do you do… you just killed a man, or was it you? Did the real Lucas Kane kill that man or was it something else? I guess your going to have to find out for yourself.

Indigo Prophecy has a twisted story that will indulge on your brain making you play from start to finish; you play the game as not 1, but 3 main characters. You are the killer and detectives on this one. You would think having control of the good guys and bad guys would make the game to easy or you would know what is going to happen before it does. Well hate to tell you but this is just the beginning. Each character has its own way of living and mindset they go by. The Characters are Lucas Kane, Carla Valenti, and Tyler Miles.
Lucas Kane being your main man for the story while the others are for a more in-depth story that this game has hidden from you at the start.

Is this game going to scare the wits out of you? No, but it will keep you on the edge always wanting to grab more and more. If you like to solve puzzles or play CSI, then I advise you to try this game out.

Gameplay and Conclusion

What’s the game play like? Well, it’s different. The characters you control are in third person and instead of having a health bar when you get hit or hurt, your life is based on your mental state. If you choose to have a coffee, use the washroom, wash your hands, take a shower, listen to some music, watch some TV or check your email, this will all either help your mental health or make you worse off. Everything you do will change a little bit of the game giving you a true personality. This will give you a more state of mind to what you are doing, and relax not only the game character but you as well. This ‘mental health’ bar can be seen at the bottom right of your game screen. If you keep your character on top of things, I’m sure you will have a lot of fun with this.

Controls in this title are set up awkwardly. Instead of doing things your way, the game does it for you if you hit the right buttons. There is no jump, punch, kick or anything like that. It’s based on the analog sticks or ‘up down left right’ keys. You may be thinking, "How the heck does that work?". Well here is an example: You are trying to run from the police, a “get ready” will appear in the front of the screen and it will show you the ‘up down left right’ picture with different colors and you must hit the right colors and keep up with it.

It’s like the hand held game “Bop it” but you use your keys you have set up. This type of control gets harder and harder as you progress. There is one other control scheme that takes care of the strength of your character by tapping 2 buttons simultaneously. Despite my explanation of the controls, don’t worry, they definitely feel right.

Indigo Prophecy’s graphics are good, but they are hardly outstanding when compared to other games to come out this past year. But if I told you graphics where everything in a game I’d be lying. They are lacking in certain places, but the story line wraps it all up well and still makes it a great game to play.

There are also spilt screen actions to see what other characters are doing at the same time. This adds a lot to realism to be able to see multiple characters at the same time, but only have control of one at a time. As an example: You are inside your house and are trying to find a way to escape, but you see the police walking toward your door. This real-time effect makes the game very interesting, and can get your adreneline pumping.

Overall, this game has some nice graphics, and the sound quality is not too shabby either. The gameplay is where the game comes alive though, and for that I am awarding it an 8 out of 10.

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