eVGA e-GeForce 7900GS KO

by Rob Williams on June 18, 2007 in Graphics & Displays

If you are not looking for the highest-end GPU on the market but still want one with great performance at an even better price, the 7900 GS might be right up your alley. It fell slightly behind a 7900 GT, but has the overclocking headroom to make up for it.

Testing Methodology & Half-Life 2, Sup Com

Throughout all of our benchmarks regardless of what we are reviewing, testing is done in a clean and stand-alone version of Windows XP Professional with SP2. No Windows Updates are applied for the sake of efficiency, unless one is required for a piece of hardware on the computer. Prior to testing, these conditions are met:

  • Desktop and scrap files are cleaned up, including emptying of recycle bin.
  • No virus scanner or firewall is installed in the stand-alone installation.
  • The stand-alone installation drive is completely defragged using Diskeeper 2007 Professional.
  • All unnecessary programs are closed, so that Windows should have no more than 15 active processes running.
  • Computer has proper airflow.

Below is the setup we used during testing.

To gather results, each game is manually played through the same level each time, which takes between 3 – 5 minutes normally. All results are gathered with the help of FRAPS 2.82.

Half-Life: Episode 1

For Half-Life 2: Episode 1, I chose my favorite level, ep1_c17_02a. The level starts you off in a dimly lit hallway and you need to make it through to the roof where an airship is trying to gun you down. It’s a fun level, and really shows off HDR.

The GS card was slower than the GT, but still performed quite well. 66 FPS at 1600×1200 is a comfortable result.

Supreme Commander

The level chosen for SupCom was the Finn’s Revenge skirmish mission. The entire playthrough lasted five minutes and consisted of building up a small base and also deploying a few ships.

SupCom is a game that really, really likes extra GPU power. Even when the action was low, we were lucky to score more than 20FPS at 1600×1200. The GT card had an obvious advantage here.