ASUS A8Js 14inch Widescreen Notebook

by Rob Williams on March 26, 2007 in Systems

ASUS has a new notebook offering that is sure to please most. It includes a fast T7200 processor, NVIDIA 7700 Go graphics card and 1GB of ram. It’s also very competitively priced at just under $1,500. Is it worth your consideration?

Page 7 – Testing Methodology, Testing Results

In our two year run, we haven’t reviewed that many laptops. This is the third, actually. Therefore, we haven’t yet finalized our testing scheme, but as we write more notebook articles, we will refine our processes. To test today, I will be comparing a few things to the recently reviewed Lamborghini VX1, also from ASUS.

Before testing, the computer is cleaned up of junk applications. The two most notable applications to be removed before testing was Norton Internet Security 2005 and also Skype. Other non-essential applications were closed. The only applications that remained running were laptop specific, including the power schemes and other various ASUS utilities.

First we have a slew of popular benchmarks, including Futuremark and Sandra. When it came to anything that involved graphics, the A8Js clobbered the VX1. The VX1 strikes back in all CPU related tests though, thanks to it’s ~10% faster clock speed.

ASUS Lamborghini VX1
3D Mark 01 15660 22467
3D Mark 06 Overall 830 2675
3D Mark 06 CPU 1840 1737
PC Mark 05 4274 4699
HD Tune 66.3MB/s Burst
34.7MB/s Average
17ms Latency *
67.4MB/s Burst
33.0MB/s Average
17.8ms Latency *
HD Tach 84.5MB/s Burst
36.8MB/s Average

16.2ms Latency *
116.7MB/s Burst
35.1MB/s Average
16.9ms Latency *
Super Pi 1 M – 24.156s *
8 M – 306.15s *
1 M – 25.938s *
8 M – 330.70s *
Sandra Arithmetic 19813 / 13607 18410 / 12665
Sandra Multi-Media 117174 / 63395 109386 / 59096
Sandra Memory 3942 / 3949 3574 / 3596

* denotes that a lower score is better.

For our real world tests, simple scenarios were executed. The DVD playback and book reading tests were done using SysMark 2004 SE. The VX1 proved better in all battery related tests. Not surprising since it has a larger capacity.

Real World Benchmark
ASUS Lamborghini VX1
Depleted Battery to Fully Charged * 2h 30m 1h 50m
DVD Playback On Battery 2h 36m 2h 14m
Book Reading on Battery 2h 59m 2h 25m
DVD Ripping * 31m 33s 30m 01s
CD Rip to FLAC * 18m 58s 19m 23s

* denotes that a lower score is better.

Since this laptop has a rather nice GPU, I chose to use five games for testing. I had a manual run through each game at both 1024×768 and the LCDs native resolution of 1440×900. The only game that was not run in native was NFS: Carbon, because EA refuses to support widescreen. Results are average FPS which were recorded with FRAPS 2.8.2 over the course of 3 – 5 minutes, depending on the game and level.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 85.983 53.800
Oblivion 45.817 37.800
Call of Duty 2 28.958 20.008
Ghost Recon: AW 34.367 22.483
NFS: Carbon 20.933 N/A

Every single one of the games ran great at 1024×768, which the exception of Half-Life 2 which has a habit of stuttering. Even Oblivion ran fantastic, I was impressed. At native resolution however, both CoD and Ghost Recon were not really playable. You -could- play CoD2 if you really wanted the sharper image, but GRAW was actually laggy at certain points.

I was pleased overall with the performance, especially at 1024×768. Oblivion ran at an average of 45FPS though at native resolution.. hard to complain about this.

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