Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6

by Rob Williams on October 9, 2007 in Motherboards

Intel’s X38 is here and we have Gigabyte’s top offering in-house. Key features include PCI-E 2.0, dual PCI-E 16x slots, 1333/1600FSB support along with a slew of unique features Gigabyte has become well-known for.

Page 4 – Testing Methodology, SYSmark 2007

Throughout all of our benchmarks regardless of what we are reviewing, testing is done in a clean and stand-alone version of Windows XP Professional with SP2. The exception is SYSmark 2007 Preview, which is tested under Windows Vista. Prior to testing, these conditions are met:

  • Desktop and scrap files are cleaned up, including emptying of recycle bin.
  • No virus scanner or firewall is installed in the stand-alone installation.
  • Computer has proper airflow and room ambient temp is >80°F.

The testing rig used for todays benchmarking is as follows:

Please note that for our DDR3 motherboards, we use DDR3-1066 speeds with 6-6-6 timings, and for our DDR2 boards we use DDR2-800 4-4-4-12.

Due to the lack of time we had to spend with the board prior to publishing, we decided to stick with our Dual-Core setup, which includes the E6600. Future reviews will shift over to a Quad-Core processor as it’s adoption is growing quick. Faster memory for both our DDR2 and DDR3 platforms will be used as well, to reflect the faster offerings that are available.


SYSmark 2007 Preview


SYSmark is an industry leading system benchmarking tool, which is completely automated but utilizes real-world tests. It installs common applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, Photoshop CS2, 3DS Max, SketchUp! among others.

SYSmark grades the performance of the system by how well it could handle different operations. Systems with more than one core will benefit in the tests, since there is a lot of multi-tasking throughout. Once the test is completed, it will provide you with an overall score, in addition to showing areas where the computer excelled.



Nothing has been able to overtake the Intel XBX2 here, and it doesn’t look like it will happen with our current setup. Our X38-DQ6 board ranks close to the top, though, which is nice to see.



Next up, the most beloved/hated benchmark of them all, Futuremark. From here-on out, I’ll let the benchmarks speak for themselves.

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