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Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus Review

Published on August 7, 2015 by Ryan Perry | Comment (5)

If keeping your backside planted on the couch is of the utmost importance, the Logitech K400 Plus keyboard might just be your new best friend. Whether you’re just getting into the HTPC or set top box game, or are looking to upgrade your current method of control, this compact multi-media keyboard is worth checking out.

BitFenix Prodigy M Micro-Tower Chassis Review

Published on July 20, 2015 by Ryan Perry | Comment (0)

Whether space is at a premium, or you simply want something portable, BitFenix’s small form factor Prodigy M chassis might be exactly what you need. Whether it’s more for the features or the brilliant colours, it’s hard to walk by one without at least giving it a good once over, which is exactly what we’re going to do.

Cooler Master NotePal ERGOSTAND III Review

Published on February 19, 2015 by Ryan Perry | Comment (8)

Notebook running hot? Need height-adjustment and cord management? How about additional USB ports? Answering “yes” to any of those questions should lead you to take a look at Cooler Master’s ERGOSTAND III, a notebook cooler that, as we find out, is a lot more than just a notebook cooler.

CoolChip Shows Off Its Ultra Low-profile Kinetic CPU Cooler At CES

Published on January 8, 2015 by Ryan Perry | Comment (0)

If you think that PC air cooling is an antiquated, inefficient method of keeping temperatures down, you might want to listen to what US-based CoolChip Technologies has in store for the cooling market. At CES, it is showcasing a prototype of its 1U cooler that uses “Kinetic Cooling Technology”. The cooler has…..

Corsair’s $50 Carbide 100R Acts Like a Higher-end Chassis, Comes In A Silent Flavor For $10 More

Published on January 7, 2015 by Ryan Perry | Comment (0)

Back in “the day”, as an under-appreciated phone jockey at a local call center, money was pretty tight and I really could have used a chassis like the newly announced Corsair Carbide 100R. This little wonder has the look and features of a higher-priced Corsair enclosure, but at a price tag that…..

Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV Micro-Tower Chassis Review

Published on January 5, 2015 by Ryan Perry | Comment (0)

The line “big things come in small packages” has been used often to describe small form-factor chassis, so we’ll spare you this time. What we have today is Phanteks’ Enthoo EVOLV, a micro-ATX enclosure that’s big on features, but small on space. While our testing wasn’t without issues, it looks to be a diamond in the rough – as long as you’re willing to do a little polishing.

Lian Li Gets NAS-ty With the PC-Q26 Mini-ITX Chassis

Published on October 23, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (2)

The Techgage staff have had some “spirited” debates about pre-built, stand-alone NAS systems versus ones built ourselves. Thanks to Lian Li, those who would rather build a NAS themselves from hand-picked components are sure to be happy with the announcement of the PC-Q26 mid-tower NAS chassis. The silver or black aluminum PC-Q26…..

Thecus N2560 Dual-bay SOHO NAS Review

Published on October 20, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (1)

For either the home or home office, a NAS can be a boon for those looking to have a no-nonsense, feature-rich storage solution. Of course, not everyone has needs for a ton of storage, and in many cases, a simple dual-bay would suffice. And as far as those go, Thecus’ N2560 is definitely worth checking out.

MSI Updates Its 27″ All-in-one PC Arsenal With NVIDIA GTX 900M GPUs

Published on October 17, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (2)

The first all-in-one PC that I encountered was a slow, boring, power-hungry hunk of junk that sat on a friend’s shelf in their kitchen.  They watched YouTube, played music, checked email, and looked up recipes while they cooked.  Well, forget that stuff!  Them things is meant for gamin’, and MSI knows it!…..

SilverStone Fortress FT05 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Published on October 15, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (4)

After having gone 3 years without looking at a SilverStone chassis, we’re back with a look at the company’s latest, the mid-tower Fortress FT05. Can it deliver on the promises of big cooling and big flexibility while retaining as small a footprint as possible? It’s time to man the fort and find out.

ROCCAT’s Tyon Freshens Up the Gaming Mouse Market with Unique Features

Published on September 30, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (0)

It’s time to buckle up for another gaming mouse release, but this one is far from ordinary. Today, ROCCAT has announced that it’s begun shipping its Tyon gaming mouse. From the top, the Tyon has the X-Celerator thumb paddle, which is a two-way analog stick that allows for control over various functions…..

SteelSeries Set To Heat Up Its Siberia Headset Lineup

Published on September 30, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (0)

Today SteelSeries is refreshing its popular Siberia series of headsets with models that cover the entire price spectrum. Yes folks, it’s audio for the masses! Up first is the entry-level Siberia RAW Prism, which is set to weigh in at $59.99 US. It promises superb audio, 16.8 million colour options to illuminate…..

SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Published on September 29, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (0)

Gamers hate lag, and many of them think that it goes hand-in-hand with wireless peripherals. So when SteelSeries stepped-up with its H Wireless headset, it was hard to not take notice given the company’s passion for gaming and eSports. With a unit in the lab, let’s find out if it’s actually possible to have a gaming-worthy wireless headset.

BitFenix’s Pandora is a Small Chassis that Boasts Big Features

Published on September 18, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (3)

The times, they are a-changin’! Not long ago it seemed like gigantic full-tower cases were the soup du jour, but lately more and more small form factor chassis have begun to spring up from a host of manufacturers. BitFenix is one of those companies that has been very aggressive with the development…..

Small But Mighty – Phanteks Launches the Enthoo Evolv

Published on September 16, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (3)

The first time that I remember hearing the name Phanteks was when the company released the gigantic Enthoo Primo full tower chassis. Since then there has been the Enthoo Luxe and Enthoo Pro, but today things are going in reverse with the announcement of the Enthoo Evolv. With support for mini-ITX/micro-ATX motherboards,…..

SilverStone Tundra TD02 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Published on September 5, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (0)

AIO liquid CPU coolers seem to be as common as high-end air coolers nowadays. However, despite this, many of them look nearly the same. SilverStone, with its Tundra TD02, has decided to go against that grain, giving us a more distinctive, perhaps even classier offering. Let’s see how far those improved aesthetics get it.

Logitech’s K480 Bluetooth Keyboard Lets You Interact with Multiple OSes and Devices

Published on September 4, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (1)

Simplicity and ease of use is the name of the game in today’s tech world, and boy, does Logitech have something that should take care of that. The peripheral giant has just announced the K480, a Bluetooth keyboard that can control your mobile phone, tablet and PC, regardless of the OS, with…..

Amazon to Acquire in $1 Billion Deal

Published on August 26, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (1)

Many of us knew that this would happen eventually, and speculation had Google as the possible front-runner to acquire the popular live streaming service, After snapping up YouTube, Google could’ve had a huge monopoly on video sharing, but in a letter from Emmett Shear, the CEO of Twitch, it turns out…..

Lian Li’s PC-Q19 mini-ITX Chassis Allows for Vertical or Horizontal Placement, Boasts Classy Aesthetics

Published on August 25, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (1)

If you’re in the market for a mini-ITX chassis, hopefully you’ve checked out Lian Li already. The Taiwanese chassis giant already has a load of models available, but today it’s bolstered its lineup with the PC-Q19 aluminum mini-ITX enclosure. The PC-Q19 is a slim chassis geared towards home theater PCs or office use,…..

Corsair Carbide Air 240 Chassis Review

Published on August 25, 2014 by Ryan Perry | Comment (1)

Hot on the heels of the Corsair Carbide Air 540 comes its little brother, the Air 240. It boasts the same unique interior layout, but in a smaller footprint, and all without sacrificing flexibility and cooling performance. Read on to see if good things really do come in small packages.

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