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Pre-Zen 2 AMD AM4 Motherboards Will Not Support PCIe 4.0

Posted on June 3, 2019 7:03 PM by Rob Williams
Aorus X570 XTREME AM4 Motherboard - Press Shot

A couple of weeks ago, some AMD AM4 motherboard users began to notice that a new EFI option hinting at PCIe 4.0 support appeared. We couldn’t find the option on our installed AM4 board of choice, but after talking in private to a related vendor, we were told that the option would…..

Apple’s New Mac Pro Supports Up To 28-core CPU, Can Use Multiple Radeon Pro Vega II GPUs

Posted on June 3, 2019 5:59 PM by Rob Williams
Apple Mac Pro (2019)

Apple had lots to talk about during its WWDC keynote today, but the star of the show was really the brand-new (and hugely overdue) Mac Pro. The trash bin design is gone, having been replaced with a cheese grater instead, littered with holes for optimum airflow. And that airflow is going to…..

Qualcomm Plans Snapdragon SoCs To Support Less Expensive “Windows on Snapdragon” Notebooks

Posted on June 3, 2019 3:45 PM by Rob Williams
Lenovo Yoga C630 WOS Snapdragon Notebook

During last week’s Computex, Qualcomm revealed lots about its upcoming Snapdragon 8cx mobile platform, which should see the first notebook models being introduced in the months ahead. We’ve already gone over the numerous bullet-points for 8cx in a dedicated article and video, but after we were done taking a look at 8cx,…..

GIGABYTE’s High-End Gaming At Computex – X570 Motherboards, 15GB/s SSD, And More

Posted on June 1, 2019 11:16 AM by Jamie Fletcher
GIGABYTE Computex 2019 Motherboard Display

While Computex is officially over now, there is still a load of info to go through from all the different announcements. GIGABYTE was one of the many excited board partners showcasing many of the new advanced technologies that AMD has instigated with its Zen 2 platform, and it goes beyond just the…..

Chaos Group Releases V-Ray For Unreal Update 1, Now Supports Native Materials

Posted on May 31, 2019 8:00 AM by Rob Williams
V-Ray for Unreal - Interior Automotive Visualization

Over the last handful of years, the popularity of Unreal Engine has gone through the roof. Some renderer vendors which once overlooked the engine have suddenly begun to put a ton of effort into porting theirs over. We’re not sure Chaos Group particularly ignored Unreal Engine at any point ever, but it’s…..

Get Out Of Here Touchbar, ASUS’ ScreenPad Adds Second 4K Display To Laptop

Posted on May 30, 2019 12:53 PM by Jamie Fletcher
ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 Feature

Computex is a great time for PC hardware companies to show off, not just upcoming products, but their technical prowess too. ASUS decided to show off in both categories with its new ZenBook Pro Duo, a dual display laptop that’s close to the conceptual all-display laptop shown the previous year. The Pro…..

G.SKILL To Sell DDR4-4000 384GB Kits & DDR4-5200 Memory

Posted on May 29, 2019 9:24 PM by Jamie Fletcher
G.SKILL DDR4-4000 384GB Kit Close up

When it comes to overclocking, getting memory speeds high can be quite the challenge when you also need larger capacities. The more memory you have and the more slots it takes up, the more unstable it becomes. G.SKILL has a solution to this with its massive 384GB kit of 12 modules, running…..

Corsair Breaks Into Custom Water Cooling With Hydro X

Posted on May 29, 2019 9:12 AM by Jamie Fletcher
Corsair Hydro X Waterblock

There’s been rumors for some time that Corsair was going to break into the custom water cooling market, we just didn’t know when. Here we are at Computex 2019, and we finally get to see what Corsair’s been up to. The Hydro X line is a full selection of all the parts…..

HyperX Introduces New Gaming Headset and Keyboards, Plus More RGB Memory

Posted on May 28, 2019 9:44 AM by Jamie Fletcher
Cloud Alpha S Plus Dongle

While much of what was on show at Computex this year for HyperX was shown at CES, there were a few new items to add to the line-up of future releases. The HyperX Cloud headsets got a new addition in the form of the Cloud Alpha S, a new Alloy keyboard using…..

NVIDIA Announces More RTX Games And Updated G-Sync Monitors

Posted on May 28, 2019 6:03 AM by Jamie Fletcher
ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQX G-Sync Ultimate Mini-LED Monitor

The amount of choice when it comes to NVIDIA’s ray tracing extension, RTX, has been somewhat limited for the most part. On the professional side, dozens of software companies have already integrated Tensor and RT cores into their pipeline for rendering and AI assisted tasks. For games, it’s a different story, but…..

Corsair’s 5GB/s PCIe 4.0 SSD – MP600

Posted on May 27, 2019 8:27 AM by Jamie Fletcher
Corsair MP600 PCIe 4 M.2 SSD Right

Back at CES AMD told the world that its next motherboard, chipset, and CPU, would be the first consumer platform to make use of next-generation PCI express interconnects. At the time there was speculation about what real-world impact this would have. Worry not as Corsair was extremely eager to show off its…..

NVIDIA Announces RTX Studio Laptops & 16GB Mobile Quadro RTX 5000

Posted on May 27, 2019 3:30 AM by Jamie Fletcher
NVIDIA Studio Drivers visual

As part of the deluge of Computex announcements incoming over the next week, NVIDIA will be expanding its mobile RTX GPUs with workstation focused models, including a new 16GB VRAM mobile Quadro RTX 5000 GPU. This also ties in with a new mobile platform which NVIDIA will be calling RTX Studio. RTX…..

Intel i9-9900KS 5GHz All-Core At Computex 2019 Plus Ice Lake

Posted on May 26, 2019 12:06 PM by Jamie Fletcher
Intel Core i9-9900K Packaging

Intel is prefacing the start of the Computex event in Taipei this year with the announcement of a special edition 9900K, called the i9-9900KS. This CPU will be similar to the sort of limited edition 8086K that was released last year, effectively being a pre-overclocked 8700K. The 9900KS is making headlines because…..

Valve Kicks Off Steam Spring Cleaning Sale

Posted on May 25, 2019 5:52 AM by Rob Williams
Steam Spring Cleaning Event 2019 Thumbnail

Summer is right around the corner, so you’re probably wondering what excuse you’re going to come up with for staying inside. Welp, Valve has an answer, and it of course involves a Steam sale. It’s officially dubbed the “Spring Cleaning Event”, but I like to think of it as more of a…..

Oculus Quest And Rift S Released At $399

Posted on May 22, 2019 9:00 AM by Jamie Fletcher
Oculus Quest Feature Image

While previously available for pre-order, Oculus has officially released its two new VR headsets to the market, at very competitive prices of $399 for both the Quest and Rift S, each targeting slightly different markets. The Rift S is just a minor iteration on the original Oculus Rift, designed to be hooked…..

Sapphire Reveals Radeon Navi Specs At AMD 50th Anniversary Event

Posted on May 21, 2019 11:30 AM by Rob Williams

With Computex set to kick off next week, the rumor mill is on fire. Of course, it’s hard to believe everything we read, but with AMD itself acknowledging that there will be big launches there, we know we have at least that to look forward to. It will likewise be interesting to…..

NVIDIA Offering TITAN RTX With 20% Educational Discount

Posted on May 18, 2019 12:17 PM by Rob Williams

At NVIDIA’s GTC in March, it kind of felt like price-drops were in the air. At the event itself, the TITAN RTX could be found on the floor for 20% off of its original price, representing a $500 drop. Ahead of the event, NVIDIA quietly price dropped some of its top Quadro…..

OnePlus Launches 7 Pro With Large 6.67″ 90Hz OLED Screen & Three Cameras

Posted on May 14, 2019 2:40 PM by Rob Williams
OnePlus 7 Pro Nebula Blue Promo Shot

It’s hard to believe how quickly new smartphone releases come sometimes, but here we are, witnessing the launch of the seventh OnePlus series. In a normal generation, today’s launch would usher in the OnePlus 7, but instead, we’re seeing the higher-end Pro variant. Rumor has it that an actual OnePlus 7, spec’d…..

Ubisoft Announces Ghost Recon Breakpoint, An Open-world Shooter Due Oct 4

Posted on May 9, 2019 4:51 PM by Rob Williams
Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ubisoft has announced the next game in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series, and if you were a fan of the open-world co-op experience that Wildlands gave you, then it looks like you have reason to get really excited about this next release. Maybe even insatiably excited when you realize the launch date…..

NVIDIA’s GeForce 430.64 Driver Improves Performance In Rage 2, Total War: Three Kingdoms & World War Z

Posted on May 9, 2019 4:15 PM by Rob Williams
World War Z Vulkan Performance Improvements On NVIDIA

Hot on the heels of AMD releasing its latest Radeon Pro Enterprise driver, NVIDIA unleashed something for the gamers: Game Ready GeForce 430.64. This driver brings day-one support for Rage 2 and Total War: Three Kingdoms. One of the biggest bullet-points is the fact that Vulkan performance has also improved, representing some…..

AMD Releases 19.Q2 Radeon Pro Enterprise Driver, Improves CAD & Remote Desktop Performance

Posted on May 9, 2019 3:55 PM by Rob Williams
AMD Radeon Pro 19Q2 SolidWorks Performance

AMD has today released the latest iteration of its Radeon Pro Enterprise driver, version 19.Q2. It might be a bit late in the current quarter to release a driver named after that quarter, but 19.Q2 comes just under three months after the release of 19.Q1. In this one, AMD is throwing some…..

Out With The Old: Microsoft Has A New Terminal Coming

Posted on May 7, 2019 2:23 PM by Rob Williams
Microsoft Windows Terminal

For many Windows power users, the built-in Command Prompt has been lacking. While many terminals build in basics like tab support, the lowly CMD.exe has continued to exist with minimal updates, and certainly no polish. The aptly-named PowerShell has helped rectify this issue, but ultimately, the simple command prompt is often enough to…..

AMD EPYC & Radeon Instinct To Power ‘Frontier’ Exascale Supercomputer In 2021

Posted on May 7, 2019 11:14 AM by Rob Williams
Oak Ridge Frontier Supercomputer

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is so keen on making sure it remains on the top of the supercomputer charts that it’s announced its next one, coming in 2021. The fact we’re hearing about this one already is pretty surprising, since we only learned of the launch of ORNL’s Summit supercomputer last summer.…..

AMD Releases Special Edition 50th Anniversary Ryzen 7 2700X & Radeon VII

Posted on April 29, 2019 2:58 PM by Rob Williams
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X & Radeon VII 50th Anniversary Editions

On May 1st, AMD is going to turn the big 5-0, and it’s honestly an exciting time for the company. Its CPU business is strong right now, and promises to only get better as soon as Zen 2 releases (this summer). We already know some of what the next micro-architecture from AMD…..

Acronis Expands API Access To Customers Wanting To Integrate Its Services Into Their Own Solutions

Posted on April 25, 2019 11:50 AM by Rob Williams
Acronis True Image 2019

Acronis seems to be one of the busiest companies on the planet, constantly expanding and adding new products and features to its portfolio. At its 15th Anniversary Celebrations last fall, we learned that the company had no intentions of slowing down, and if anything, things would only be picking up. Given the…..

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